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Electronic lock fingerprint lock installation

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Electronic lock fingerprint lock is the development trend of locks in the future. Now electronic lock fingerprint lock is developing very well in civil use. Many families choose fingerprint lock electronic lock, but the installation of electronic lock fingerprint lock restricts the popularity of electronic lock fingerprint lock. Below Haikou lock company to share for you, electronic lock fingerprint lock installation methods and some tips. Step 1: measure the size of the door and the original mechanical lock. Measure the size of the door, measure the size of the door lock, especially the size of the lock body and the size of the handle. Remove the mechanical lock and measure it. If the conditions for installing the fingerprint lock of the electronic lock are met, be sure to communicate with the customer whether the installation plan is acceptable to the customer. The second step: measure the data of the door and the data of the mechanical lock Mainly measure the size of the original door or the old lock's locking tongue limit piece (side trim panel), including the position of the length and width fixing screws (the distance between the center point of the screw hole and the horizontal and vertical sides) and the number of fixing screws (1 for each up and down or 1 for each up and down), and then measure the door thickness to determine the direction of the door (divided into four types: left inner left outer right inner right outer, when standing on the outside of the door facing the door, the door axis is on the left The side is left opening, the door shaft is right opening on the right side, the inward opening is pushing, and the outward opening is pulling. Generally, the anti-theft doors are mostly left outward opening and right outward opening. )Step 3: remove the measurement data of the mechanical lock to determine the material specification and relevant parameters of the original door and prepare the installation accessories. First remove the original lock and store it in a box for the customer to keep. If the fingerprint lock needs to be removed for maintenance, install the original lock for temporary replacement. Step 4: after installing the new lock body and removing the old lock body, install the lock body of fingerprint lock (install the side trim plate first if you need to order the side trim plate), hang the heaven and earth pole, and then fix it with screws. Next, insert Fangpu's high safety lock cylinder into the lock cylinder hole of the lock body, and use the special screw to insert and tighten the lock cylinder from the side and fix it. After fixing, use the key to insert the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to test whether the lock body can be opened and whether the unlocking is normal. Step 5: install the front and rear handle panels first, install the handles on the front and rear panels, pay attention to the direction during installation, and don't forget to use the spring pad when screwing, so as to prevent the handle screws from loosening after long use. Then screw on the upper and lower two screw sleeves of the rear cover plate, and insert the square bar spring into the square hole of the handle (this is very important. The spring is an important device to resist the square bar and prevent it from exiting the rotating hole of the lock body. Remember to install the spring, otherwise, if the square bar exits from the lock body, it will lead to the electronic mode unable to unlock, and the lock can only be opened by emergency mechanical unlocking). Then install the handle of the rear panel, cut off the extra length of the connecting rod of the anti lock button according to the thickness of the door, insert it into the anti lock button and lock it with screws. Install the rubber gasket on the front and rear panels. Install the front panel on the door first. When installing, first connect the lock body line with the lock body control line plug on the front panel, then insert the battery line through the upper fixing screw hole into the inner side of the door to extend, insert two square bars into the square bar hole before and after the lock body, and select the square bar of appropriate length according to the thickness of the door. Note that the square bar shall not be too long, and it is better to insert it between 1cm and 3cm in the square bar hole of front and rear panel. If the square bar is too long, the handle will not rotate smoothly after the front and rear panel fixing screws are tightened. At this time, adjust the square bar and replace the shorter square bar. After the front panel is installed, keep it still and install the rear panel immediately. When installing the rear panel, first connect the cable of the battery box with the plug of the battery cable of the front panel. And the redundant line plug into the body, pay attention to the line does not go to the activity space of the mast, so as to avoid the frequent movement of the mast pulling the power cord. When installing the rear panel, pay attention that the connecting rod of the anti lock button should be inserted into the control hole of the anti lock button of the lock body, and the square bar should also be inserted into the square bar hole of the handle. Square bar spring shall be installed. Step 6: check whether the handle and locking tongue are smooth.
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