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Electronic smart lock manufacturers blindly rubbing the heat is not advisable, and working hard to make products is the right way

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-04
In the first half of 2018, almost all domestic smart lock manufacturers were challenged by a small black box. For a while, related articles began to go viral on the Internet, especially on various self-media platforms. Eyeballs make people panic. Consumers who have already purchased have questioned whether the smart lock products they purchased are safe, and consumers who are planning to buy fingerprint locks are more affected. When faced with smart locks, everyone hesitated. Is smart lock safe enough? Faced with more traditional mechanical locks, do we really need smart locks? All kinds of remarks were rampant, and just when manufacturers were required to show up to break the rumors in person, almost all major manufacturers remained silent at that time, which made consumers who don't know the truth more likely to be coerced by the rumors. What's more, it directly claims that 100% of smart lock brands can be easily cracked, which has an extremely bad impact on the development of smart locks. Although major brands have since released their own smart lock product test reports to prove their innocence, the bad influence caused by the small black box is difficult to eliminate in a short time. But today we do not want to discuss how deep the influence of the small black box is, but a more interesting thing. In addition to issuing announcements and clarifying the relationship between the small black boxes, the major popular smart lock brands almost avoid their association with the small black box. Even if they pass the small black box test, these manufacturers rarely adopt the ability to resist the small black box cracking. Come as a promotional selling point. On the contrary, most third-rate smart lock brands not only hyped up their anti-small black box cracking ability, but also enjoyed the publicity. The publicity drafts were almost revolved around the small black box. Let us restore the whole process of the previous incident. The small black box incident broke out at the Yongkang International Door Industry Expo on May 26. After media promotion and fermentation, it finally broke out in mid-June. After two months of precipitation, the heat has already been consumed. Exhausted. The 'Little Black BoxWhat about bundling promotion? In Fuyu's view, the reason is just as follows: these smart lock manufacturers have limited strength, not to mention competing with strong first-line brands for the right to speak in their products, even if it is to appear together with these first-line smart lock stars in publicity and promotion. Hard things. Restricted by its own strength, product development lacks explosive points, product functions and appearances are messed up except for plagiarism, and it is difficult to have a design that makes people eye-catching. If you can't make it up positive, you have to work hard on negative news. The idea of u200bu200b'negatives make positives' is really disagreeable. Although many manufacturers have a lot of grievances in their hearts, they still hope that each manufacturer can abandon this negative publicity method and settle down to make products. Temporary obscurity does not mean anything. Don’t you see that the smart lock industry is only changed after years of gaining momentum. Here comes the current lock-change boom. Finally, if you want to develop in the smart lock industry for a long time, only by making a good product can you gradually win the favor of the market instead of being eliminated by the market!
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