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Emergency unlocking price cannot be solved by

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-25
The locksmith not only unlocks the door for the customer, but also handles all kinds of fault locks. He will encounter all kinds of special situations and special methods to solve them, if there is an emergency room or an emergency. emergency. As an experienced locksmith, emergency unlocking price can't be solved by using the key to open the door. We should be good at handling all kinds of possible accidents. Can't the safety door open? N possibilities? For example, when some customers lock in the door, no one locks to the safety bolt. There are several possibilities in this situation, because the safety button in the door is loose, the force is too strong when closing, the safety bolt vibrates, the lock can be opened with the original key, but the door is opened twice. Some people forget the safety bolt first because someone is at home and something is at the door. The diagonal tongue of the lock does not retract when the door is closed. To close the door with force is an accidental blow to the safety bolt in the home of children and Alzheimer's patients who are not sensible in the family. It will not unlock the safe bolt caused by the outsider and the key, because the safety door on the door lock can not be opened. There is also a situation where people want to commit suicide or poisoning, suddenly get sick and can't open the door. Some customers once had a dog to go home, because someone went home, the dog jumped at the door happily when the owner opened the door, accidentally hit the safety bolt, and put the safety bolt outside to open the door, which happened in several types of anti-theft doors, There are three locks (three locks), automatic locks (self latches) and ab bar locks. Some solutions of arch are for your reference. The door of the insurance split was locked. Can't open the door with the key. Solution: if the security door is closed after the safety bolt is pressed, it can be made of a wooden tip with hardwood. As the edge of the door frame enters into the joint, the door is squeezed to open a seam through hard extrusion, so that the diagonal locking tongue of the door leaves the box door, and then use a screwdriver or other auxiliary tools to open or pry the door to the outside. If the door is open, it must be tight to the inside, if the door is to be closed to the outside, in this case, The principle that this method can be opened is that it is difficult to close the door, (the safety bolt is hit) or to force the door open. In this case, use this method to open more than 80%, this method is not easy to damage the frame and will not deform. Emergency unlocking price can't be solved by using the key to open the door. If the door is locked inside and the slit is narrow, if the above method doesn't work, the lock can be pulled out first by using the lock to unlock (emergency unlocking in another chapter of this book is introduced in another chapter). The lock can be separated through the door, and the lock box can be seen through the eyes with lock holes installed in other doors. There is a hole in the lock box, You can insert a flat square rotating pin. The hole is not big, and it is flat square. Then use the self-made 7-shaped steel wire (it can be made of the steel wire of the motorcycle, the former is hammered flat with a hammer, and then filed). When you make this tool, you can find an old lock box to practice. If you practice several times more, you can accurately find the safe position, then you can reach out from the eyes of the tool and pull up the safety block in the lock box, As long as it pulls up the bumper, it can be locked and opened
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