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Engineering on the use of locks - choose to consider what factors Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-01
Door lock as one of the supporting hardware products of the project, played an important and indispensable role in engineering. Engineering on the use of locks and home use door lock has obvious different, you first need to the number of large, one may be hundreds of thousands of pieces. Demand is high, second to the delivery time for the project construction period have strict requirements, different time, different material approach, within the prescribed time, may delay the construction period. The kinds of door lock on the market at present there are a lot of, but, used in engineering locks at the time of choice depends on what factors?     1, see the door manufacturers strength & emsp;   Engineering to use the door locks are generally take goods directly from manufacturers and this can not only save a large sum of money, and take the goods from factory, you can see more styles, more choice. But from a door lock manufacturer directly replenish onr's stock, it's on the strength of the manufacturers have high demand, the market many of the so-called 'lock factory' most are small workshops, or middlemen. With this kind of cooperation, not only the product quality is not guaranteed, and if the product appeared quality problem, is likely to find someone who's in charge of processing, engineering caused great negative impact. Therefore, must and have actual strength, normal door lock manufacturers cooperation.     2, the payment way & emsp;   Are well with engineering experience, the different project payment way is different, some, pay some deposit first, pay the balance payment after project completion; Still have a plenty of construction schedule to which link, settlement of which link. Before choosing cooperation, therefore, the first thing to understand engineering design the method of payment, whether in a reasonable scope, in order to avoid a fiasco.     3, the project actual demand & emsp;   The project is divided into a lot of kinds, hardcover room project, hotel engineering, school of engineering and so on, different engineering to install door lock is not the same. Install locks on the market at present, the project mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, zinc alloy door lock is suitable for engineering, clothbound room design, modelling is beautiful and easy; Stainless steel door lock is suitable for the public schools, hospitals and other foot traffic, mainly because of stainless steel with high hardness, collision and outstanding corrosion resistance and convenient, use longer.     Conclusion: engineering used on door lock need to take the goods from the manufacturer directly, and then combined with the specific situation of the project comprehensive screening, here small make up recommend fu yu hardware, useful for 21 years door lock manufacturing experience, professional for the delivery of the project, the existing 3000 square spot warehousing, supply ability strong, can click on online consulting service for details.
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