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Engineering with the lock - how to choose Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-01
Room door lock is indispensable to engineering hardware facilities, engineering use room door lock and the difference between home room door lock has three, the first requirement is big, one-time need thousands are very normal. The second is the same style, used in engineering room door lock is the same style, not a lot of fancy. Third, from the lock factory direct purchase, wholesale prices can go, reduce enterprise purchase cost. Say so many, the project with the lock on how should choose? For small make up rich yu sums up the following points.     Engineering with the lock on how to choose: & emsp;   First: to see manufacturers strength & emsp;   Manufacturers strength determines the availability and the project is clear, real estate project has strict requirements for the construction period, what product in each time period have strict exquisite. So when selecting a lock factory, the first to examine the spot reserve capacity, the design of conventional is a perennial stock, more than a one-off delivery, how much is the delivery cycle, this measure will affect the construction period.     The second: the cost budget and the method of payment & emsp;   Engineering procurement or other purchasing behavior, has a certain budget, before and lock factory cooperation, suggest to pass a budget and need to calculate the number of the price of a single lock, so looking for a manufacturer, were also more likely to recommend the right model. Purchase from other manufacturer, the method of payment is also very important, this to a certain extent affect the enterprise cash flow, some manufacturer requires full payment, some requirements to pay some deposit first, and paid in stages, and so on.     Another small make up suggest everybody, most of the engineering site is very chaotic, because want to catch time limit for a project, a lot of materials are also comes into play, and the door belongs to metal products, easy to paint pictures, or other corrosion surface plating, so before construction must be protective measures, or otherwise handle cover plate surface prone to spots, affect beautiful.
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