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European black room door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-26
Ou now black room door lock is a lock industry very popular a kind of style, is one of the many locks manufacturer competitive style. From the Angle of wooden door factory, choose a good European black room door lock, can bring a lot of ascension, to their own wooden door extra collateral value. European black room door lock should be how to choose? Fu yu hardware below small make up take you to have a detailed understanding.     European black room door can choose from two point of view, the first appearance modelling and home decorate a style is tie-in, if match with wooden door; See material pledge additionally, the stand or fall of material quality will directly affect the lock, the service life of common materials are zinc alloy on the market at present, stainless steel, aluminum space and other composite materials. Take the rich yu hardware, production of lock the Z3 wear resistant composite material, under normal use, life can be up to 10 years, very durable.     Fu yu hardware is specialized in the production of lock manufacturers, 21 years industry experience, a variety of styles, all sorts of color of the room door lock all production, which include European black room door lock, if can not find a suitable for your design, we also support private ordering service, provide design scheme, 7 days can sample, into the hands of customers, simple easy to operate.
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