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, Evergrande 13 anniversary of the establishment of strategic cooperation and upgrade, write a new chapter! Boutique household

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-20

At Evergrande real estate group supplier summit, Fuyu relying on excellent research and development, production, service ability and rich experience of cooperation, as well as in many enterprises, won the bid evaluation group consensus, there is no suspense succeed again renewed Evergrande property material supply contracts. This is Fuyu and Evergrande strategic cooperation since 2003 after 13 years of defending! As is known to all, Evergrande property is advocating quality life concept, is committed to build China's most living value, cultural value, investment value of the brand. With a focus on living environment of the brand, Fuyu and copper as raw material, the value for the high-end consumers to create more value and comfort of the integral household environment. Cooperation with Evergrande 10 years, the force constant innovation and surpass ourselves and to set up a specialist team of research and development team, production line and customer service system, with its high technology and research and development strength Evergrande provide more quality products and services. Cooperation so far, Fuyu have successively won the Evergrande property 'ten best strategic partner', 'excellent supplier', 'a-class supplier' and so on the many honorary titles, is Evergrande property reputation suppliers. Through the cooperation with Evergrande, Fuyu has the ability to form a complete set of perfect project, from the production line, production workshop, storage system to nc machining center, automatic polishing machine, and many other advanced production equipment, Fuyu ready for. At the same time, Fuyu in innovation and constantly improve the internal management, set up a more scientific evaluation system, to achieve continuous improvement and maintain good quality and stable delivery time. After the contract signing, as Evergrande real estate good suppliers, Fuyu will not stop there. To meet Evergrande customization demand, and overall beauty Fuyu aim to deepen the copper art decorative hardware such as complete sets of antibacterial strategy, the development of intelligent lock, mechanical lock, lighting, sanitary ware, jewelry and so on, the whole household hardware solutions. Last month launched more electrical and lighting, etc.  Series of products, in order to improve the constant in the integral style of the decoration and living value. In the future, Fuyu will launch innovative thinking, sophisticated management system. On the technology research and development, product quality and brand strength, realize the innovation and upgrading of service value chain, provide more high-quality copper Evergrande household products and a full range of service solutions. To achieve a more harmonious cooperation, more long-term development. Compose the boutique household new chapter!                                

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