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Face recognition smart lock is not suitable for all families

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
Now it is mentioned that this is an era of looking at the face' , Has not only included Yan value is everything' This layer of meaning also includes benefiting from the development of face recognition and other technologies, face' It has become a differential identification and pass for personal identity. Don't think that face recognition is still far away from us. While Apple launched FaceID for iPhoneX, other aspects of Chinese people's daily life have actually begun to use face recognition technology. It is quietly infiltrating into us and subverting the past way of life. The release of iPhoneX has set off a wave of face recognition technology. Recently, JD. com has launched a smart lock with face recognition function. Brush face' This word has always been said as a joke in the past. Now, the products that brush the face to open the mobile phone and even the face to open the door are endless, which means brushing the face'The era has really arrived. Jingdong crowdfunding's smart lock focuses on unlocking face recognition. According to the product page, it supports living face detection, just like common fingerprint recognition, avoid being impersonated by faces in the form of photos, videos, wax figures, dolls, etc. , and are not affected by hair style and makeup changes, whether to wear glasses or not, and age growth. Compared with fingerprint recognition, face recognition is an improvement in technology. For users, there is one less operation step when opening the door, and basically no user is required to do anything, as long as a person stands at the door, the camera on the lock body will automatically detect the face, even without lifting the hand. But because of this feature, the smart lock for face recognition is not suitable for all families. For example, in some six-storey old buildings, the corridor area is narrow and there is no elevator, and the stairs are close to the door. The upstairs residents need to pass through the front door of almost all the downstairs residents during the upstairs, and when passing by, it is very close to these doors. In such an environment, if the downstairs residents are equipped with a face recognition smart lock, as long as someone passes by in front of the door, the door lock will start the recognition system to scan, and the power consumption speed can be imagined. At present, there are no relevant standards and specifications for smart locks. Many users are used to seeing what functions they have when choosing smart locks. In fact, many functions are not necessarily good products, the main thing is to see which lock is suitable for your own needs and use environment. Some unnecessary functions will not only increase the cost of locks, but also the more functions, the greater the chance of problems in daily use, instead, it will bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.
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