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Face recognition smart lock opens smart home mode

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
In the era of science and technology internet of things, it has brought more convenience to people both in life and at work. People's quality of life is constantly improving, and there are higher requirements for the purchase of household goods. The most important thing for the home is safety, and the most important thing is the door lock, it is especially critical to choose a door lock with high safety and convenience. Of course, there are also many statements about class C locks with the highest security Super Class B locks on the market. We will not explore whether there are relevant standards. Super-B-class lock is the lock that takes the longest time to unlock technology at present and has high security. However, in the era of rapid development of the Internet of Things, super-B-class lock can no longer meet people's higher requirements, there are higher-level intelligent locks on the market, such as fingerprint locks and face locks. At present, they are all door locks with higher security level and are widely used. With the rapid development of science and technology, smart locks have become a trend that is understandable. Smart homes are also opened by smart locks. Smart home is a residential platform that integrates network communication, security and equipment automation technologies through integrated wiring to create an efficient, safe, comfortable, convenient and energy-saving living environment. Smart home is no longer a conceptual problem. The realization of smart home starts with a face lock and takes a face lock as the starting point of smart home to realize the intelligence of household appliances. Unlike fingerprint locks, face locks are unlocked through facial feature recognition. For this reason, face recognition smart locks become the first entrance to smart homes. When the householder goes home, the face lock identifies the owner by capturing the facial feature points through the camera, and automatically opens the door after the identification is completed. In terms of non-contact and accurate identification, other smart locks are difficult to complete. In addition, Yi Sheng's face lock can also realize the remote unlocking function of APP. Through the authorization of mobile phone APP, the face lock automatically obtains the facial image of the person who recognizes and brushes the face to unlock, and sends it to the mobile phone terminal of APP, confirm the identity with this image to determine whether to authorize the other party to unlock. The face recognition intelligent lock integrates face recognition, card swiping, password and key, and adopts the world's leading biometric technology algorithm and ultra-B lock cylinder, which has made great efforts in terms of security, in addition to the most selling point of the face unlocking method, the APP remote unlocking is the second, and the mobile phone can be authorized to unlock, without limiting the distance, and it is impossible to get back in time for business trips, or because of traffic jams and other reasons, it is safe and convenient to get home in time. Smart home is not out of reach, and it is often seen in major media. The high technology seen in movies is slowly becoming a reality. With the face recognition lock to open the smart home mode, keeping up with the development of the Internet era, biometric recognition brings different surprises and experiences to people's life and work.
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