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Family security knowledge

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
Family security tips - neighborhood Harmony: time is not as good as geography, land is not as good as harmony, neighborhood harmony, mutual care, thieves have no chance. 2. Don't disclose your whereabouts easily: don't disclose your whereabouts easily to others. When you go out for a long time, you should ask your relatives and friends to guard your home. When you go out temporarily at night, you can turn on the indoor lights, so that thieves can't patronize easily. Third, pay attention to the safety of doors, windows and other entrances and exits: when going out, close the windows and lock the doors properly, the anti-theft doors must be locked reversely, and the windows and balconies close to the outdoor water (natural gas) pipes should be well protected. 4. Don't deposit cash and valuables at home: a large amount of cash should be deposited in the bank, and the passbook and ID card account book should be kept separately; valuables such as gold and silver ornaments should be carried with you. If conditions permit, you can buy (rent) a safe to keep valuables and securities. 5. Keep the key properly: when the new house is decorated or the key is lost, it is recommended that you change the door lock immediately. Do not lend the key to others easily to prevent the key from being copied. 6. Don't panic if you find a burglary in your home: don't rush to clean up your belongings when you find a burglary in your home. Call the police immediately and protect the scene. If you catch a thief at the scene, don't be fooled by the thief's rhetoric, or hold that you don't have any loss of belongings. If you have more than one thing, you should let the thief go. Instead, call the police immediately and hand the thief over to the police for handling, because it's small Stealing is usually a recidivist. Other cases can often be solved through police investigation.
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