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Fingerprint code lock for unlocking service

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
The way to commit a crime is usually: black one: climb on the safety net, like the ground, in the current community, the safety net of every family, but the irregular safety net is installed. Thieves often use the improved safety net to reduce the crime. According to the investigation, most cases of burglary at night have two forms: one is to pry open the burglary net; the other is to use the safety net to climb up and drill into high-level residents' crimes. It is not standard installation. Although it protects itself, it damages others. The fingerprint password lock service of unlocking service is common sense of home security. The anti-theft network does not prevent theft but helps theft. Black trick 2: when you don't pry at the door. This is the main content of crime day in the early days, only a few screws can fix the door frame, but it did not reach the strength of the crowbar, it was completed in a minute. Recently, the structure and strength of anti-theft door have been greatly improved, but with the birth of micro gas cutting tools, this tool has been found to be used for indoor theft many times in China. Black hired three people: sweet words deceive you to open the door. In many cities, people found bandits in residential buildings, took them out of the electric brake outside the house, and then rushed into the owner's series of robberies. In addition, some bandits use their owners to publicize the rental of houses, pretend to visit the houses and rob them. Others, disguised as repairs to water and electricity, defrauded the door of robbery. In recent years, criminals have been disguised as residents' children or relatives' friends and infiltrated into indoor activities such as fraud. Black recruit 4: self made iron window with board hand. Now it is mostly welded with steel or iron square groove. The density is a little thin, which only provides a good control for a wrench. Usually, a solder joint is only a small one, which can't stand a pull. In recent years, the thief has made some tools similar to fork wrench. It's not 2 minutes to take out a bigger gap or make a hole in the room. Black rookie 5: follow up robbery. When the owner opens the door with his key, the group forces him to enter the house to rob the house. In recent years, the protection of the living room has been strengthened. It is not easy for criminals to take extreme measures to enter the room. Therefore, please pay more attention to the following people who enter the elevator stairs and avoid disaster. Don't store a lot of cash at home at work. The money you don't need for the first time should be deposited in the bank. Your passbook and credit card should not be placed on your ID work card and family register. 2. High end products such as TV recorder camera shall be registered in detail, such as clear identification and factory number. 3. Keep the key beside you. Don't throw it around. Lock the door when you lose the key. 4. Preschoolers are not allowed to carry keys or hang them around their necks. 5. Close the doors and windows and lock them before leaving home. Make friends with family members, especially teenagers, and don't bring strangers home. Family security issues should not be ignored 1. The key to work should not be placed in an obvious place to prevent outsiders from using the imitation system. 2. The passbook should be a password and should not be put together with the account book and ID card. 3. Project when you go out for a long time, you should say hello to your neighbors and ask for their attention
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