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Fingerprint form lifelong conveniently float in the sky the same fingerprint lock market

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-10
The fingerprint form lifelong unchanged conveniently according to archaeological discoveries, the fingerprint lock market as early as 7000 - BC Ancient assyrians and 6000 Chinese people are aware of the characteristics of the fingerprint, and using fingerprints as a symbol of personal identity. In the middle of the 19th century began to fingerprint science in the sense of research, and has produced two important conclusions: 1. No two finger fingerprint ridge form consistent; 2, fingerprint ridge form lifelong unchanged. From the current China's fingerprint lock market sales situation, accept the fingerprint lock consumers have some common features, have certain economic ability, Fingerprint lock is basic in 1000 yuan of above, and 1000 ~ 3000 yuan of fingerprint lock is relatively low, function is simple) , ranging in age from 30 to 40 years old, male is given priority to, like new things, the health and safety of oneself and family, pay attention to the quality of life, and so on. Can be seen from these data, the fingerprint lock target consumer group should be relatively clear and fixed, they have a stable career and family, that is, the fingerprint lock companies can easily find the channels of communication with the target consumer groups. When found these channels, how to let these people interested and eventually will interest into purchases, these should be according to the characteristics of the enterprise and the product/brand to decide. The 21st century, the fingerprint recognition technology developed unprecedented rapid, fingerprint lock, fingerprint access control, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint card and a series of fingerprint products constantly appeared in the People's Daily lives, fingerprint identification industry in China started in the early 1990 s, compared with foreign late 10 years or so. Under this background, the fingerprint lock is around 2002 began quietly into the consumer market. After the fingerprint technology further thinking of the operation of the market and the research of the fingerprint lock industry largely determines the this kind of products to successfully enter the consumer market itself should solve the problem of the three core: 1. The sensor; 2. The fingerprint identification algorithm; 3. Product module of low power consumption and the decrease of the volume. And the current domestic industry of fingerprint has eliminated capacitance sensor, with longer life, smaller volume, better anti-interference, image acquisition and accurate CMOS optical sensor, and the sensor cheaper; At the same time, many domestic enterprises have developed their own fingerprint algorithm, some enterprises have applied for a patent, the most important point is that domestic fingerprint algorithm global fingerprint in the industry is in a leading position; In the same way, the product technology module problem of low power consumption and volume can see also got very good solve, put on the market of fingerprint lock products not only fully functional, appearance is also very beautiful.
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