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Fingerprint identification technology: the civil development and trend analysis of the locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-10
Fingerprint identification technology: the development of civil and locks trend analysis in China at present, the fingerprint recognition due to its long development time, and the development speed is faster, and after years of market promotion and application, in the aspects such as access control, attendance, in-room safe, identity authentication has more mature products, at the same time because of its low cost compared with other identification technology, are more likely to promote and accepted by the user. Fingerprint identification of civil market development in the 1990 s, the fingerprint recognition technology in domestic rise, when the application is limited to forensic field, it can improve the detection rate, save a lot of cost at the same time. But the fingerprint recognition technology in forensic belongs to the use of 'subject', 'than' needs through mainframes, price and time cost are large. So the fingerprint identification often only as an auxiliary means of forensic, not used widely, the market share is very limited. Through constant promotion of fingerprint identification technology in the market and application of fingerprint identification enterprise found market should be civil market of fingerprint identification technology. Because civil fingerprint identification technology is 'known subject', 'than to' fast, high accuracy. It is accompanied by a growing number of electronic devices, such as PC, ATM machines, access control system, etc. , are entering our daily life. From the trend, the fingerprint recognition technology will eventually replace the security of the MinYongHua convenience are flawed identity identification number and password, to prevent unauthorized access. Due to the civil than the forensic application of fingerprint identification technology are more likely to spread, market capacity is bigger, so have the foundation of large-scale promotion. In the western countries, the fingerprint identification technology has entered a stage of large-scale civil. Los Angeles in 1990, using the world's first set of benefits distribution of fingerprint recognition system; The world's first virtual bank SFNB ( Security first network bank) Also implemented on the basis of the fingerprint identification technology guarantee security project, to strengthen trade security. Fingerprint recognition because of its mature technology and cost reduction, began to thoroughly to civilian use. Domestic biometrics will form of billions of dollars in the future market, the security industry is one of the most important application field, market space is very large. Fingerprint lock market trend analysis, according to statistics, the domestic access number is about 500000 a year above the door, at present the application of fingerprint identification in entrance guard is only about 1%, according to the general foreign proportion, should be about more than 20%. In other words, the domestic security industry biometric products market gap in 9. Around 50000 units, another obvious situation is currently specializing in fingerprint read head and fingerprint access production and sales enterprises rarely, so taken together the market has two obvious features: big market, and less competition. At present, the fingerprint lock main competitor or induction card, combination lock and high-grade mechanical lock. The market for high-end locks lock, no matter what is the function is different, for the fingerprint lock market, fingerprint lock avant-garde concept if really indoctrination and engraved in the minds of the consumers, so it in terminal sales will reduce a lot of difficulties, but from the current concept of promotion, there is a great distance, one to two years in the future, fingerprint lock can not become the mass consumer goods. In subdividing market competition level, can find the target group of fingerprint lock must be high-end young and middle-aged people, and this kind of person is just chasing the market consumption of typical of the frontier. Research, it is not difficult to find such people, word of mouth spread in the process of their consumption occupies a large proportion of the influence. That is to say, for them, the price is not dominant factors, they are concerned about the fingerprint lock the so-called security, convenience in the case of the acceptable, whether the advantages can turn into real life to enjoy. Comprehensive above factors, the distance can be explored for the future development of fingerprint lock, with good product performance, with good after-sale mechanism is the key to a fingerprint lock brands based on market, is also the foundation of the whole industry development at full speed. Will tell from the competitive field, fingerprint lock in the past two years more competitive in the field of engineering measures. Throughout the fingerprint lock market, many manufacturers in the field of civil retail is at a standstill, are wait-and-see attitude. For now, the success of the project bidding by the brand and the successful cases to support era is still not the end. Fingerprint lock industry, in other words, the overall advantages including design, research and development, production and sales of sparkle focus is still on the part of the enterprise. So, fingerprint lock market really started, also need to process, of course, will not long, a lot of fingerprint lock companies are gearing up, to meet the challenges and the baptism. From the current market situation, accept consumers have some common features of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock target consumption group is supposed to be relatively clear and fixed, they have a stable career and family,
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