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Fingerprint lock daily maintenance skills!

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-20
Fingerprint lock, as we all know the biggest characteristics is a safe and convenient! Go out no longer take the key, because the finger is the key, so the application of fingerprint locks are also more and more. But if in the process of the application of fingerprint lock inappropriate, or inappropriate care, all cities are greatly shorten its application life, so in daily life, how should we live fingerprint lock? 1 fingerprint collection, finger strength wants moderate, in the case of a rendered helpless collection please do not use your finger 'omega supreme'. At this point that is your finger is too dry, try on your fingers ha breaths, become a bit wet with your fingers. ( Heard that also can touch the forehead, there can be 'magic' magic? ) 2 after years of fingerprint collection, due to the time of application window, outside will have dirt, can affect the normal application. Right now usable soft cloth to wipe. 3 fingerprint lock panel must not contact with corrupt sex supplies, otherwise the outside coating is damaged, then your fingerprint lock can 'disfigured' four hanging objects on the handle is very convenient? Nothing more than too casually, because his hand is a key part of the open and close the door lock, its flexibility indirectly influence the application of fingerprint lock. ( Don't think occasionally hang a fine, bear a child but super love yo imitation) 5 LCD screen, do not to pressure, and percussion. 6 do not use hard objects collision or tap on a shell, prevent damage coating on the outside may indirectly affect the fingerprint lock external electronic devices. ( All right, you should take good care about it that help bear a baby) 7 do not apply alcohol, gasoline, thinner, cleaning supplies or other flammable materials or protect the lock. 8 a slide of fingerprint lock, do not slide, outside efforts in both open and closed to moderate, accurate application slide. 9 waterproof cover. Fingerprint lock is electronic products, is some manufacturer do the waterproof cover, but please try to prevent contact with water or other liquid, or immersed in water or other liquid. If the shell comes into contact with the liquid or salt fog, please use soft cloth to wipe, good water imbibition. 10, the application of high quality # 5 alkaline batteries once invented electricity shortage, please change the battery, real-time exchange initiative when four or 8 battery switch at the same time, also can prevent the application of an external battery lock. If go out remember to change the new battery for a long time, prevents damage to the battery, battery fluid corrupt external circuit. 11 fingerprint lock if applied for more than six months, would you please open the battery cover reflect on the battery, prevent decay battery electric hydraulic invasion fingerprint lock circuit board ( Especially when the rainy season, the damp air for any electrical appliances product can have hidden dangers, please reflect on remaining, accurate real-time application your household appliance product) Invention, oxidation phenomenon, please change the battery a new good quality battery! 12 have a spare key fingerprint lock, remember to key in the car or office and home outside, so urgent. Write down 13 input fingerprint, the initiative will coding, so as not to need to delete some fingerprints don't remember when encoding, prevent to empty the fingerprint lock. 14 intelligent fingerprint is the most basic way to open the door to open the door lock and combination to open the door, while most cities to choose the most convenient fingerprint to open the door, but at the same time initiative set up several group of combination, broken in case of fingerprint, the combination can be emergency open the door, and we have guests visit or something urgent, can tell a combination emergency door, delete combination afterwards. 15 do not decompose assembly without permission. Fingerprint lock basically built sophisticated electronic components, laypeople assembly time can damage the external accessories may lead to other serious consequences. If the suspect fingerprint lock present achievement, had better consult professional personage, maybe indirect contact seller service. Intelligent lock protection lies in the daily life of dribs and drabs, these measures can be helpless to cope with all the grades, nothing more than to be a careful person or there will be some ~ very much
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