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Fingerprint Lock or replace traditional anti-theft door lock to become the first choice for smart home

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
With the level of theft technology' With the continuous improvement of the traditional security doors, it is difficult to guard against theft nowadays. In front of the theft experts who have enough research on the traditional lock cylinder, these seemingly heavy security doors have become useless. Since the current traditional marble lock cylinder has been popular in the market for more than ten or twenty years, even the very complicated internal structure has been assiduously studied by the thieves'Under the break. As the only line of defense to enter the family, the security risk of the security door has been extremely obvious. Professional lock-picking thieves can even use simple crime tools to open the security door within a few seconds. Home theft prevention has become an urgent security problem to be solved. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, smart home has begun to change people's living habits imperceptibly, while smart locks, especially fingerprint locks, it is gradually accepted by more families with its irreplaceable and difficult to replicate characteristics. It is understood that the use of human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification and authentication to open the door, with high-tech digital image processing, biometric and DSP algorithms and other technologies, has become a new generation of access control system that meets the requirements of modern security. At present, it has been widely used in government agencies, banks, senior apartments and other places that need absolute security and privacy. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks are safer and more convenient. It can also integrate the functions of false password, anti-theft alarm, smart home and so on, which plays a multiple protective role on anti-theft. For example, when thieves can't open the door with fake fingerprints and want to break in, the fingerprint lock can automatically start the anti-theft alarm function to inform the owner or the community security. In addition, some high-level fingerprint locks can also be connected to the smart home. When thieves climb in from the window, they will touch the smart home equipment connected to the fingerprint lock, thus triggering an alarm. ' However, as it is still in the primary stage of development, the cost of fingerprint lock is still relatively expensive. However, with the continuous development of technical level, it is believed that the manufacturing cost of fingerprint lock will decrease in the future, it will be more common to enter the homes of ordinary people. I believe that with the popularity of fingerprint locks, traditional security doors will become history.
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