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Fingerprint password lock: What are the differences between smart fingerprint lock and smart home-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-09
With the rise of Internet of Things technology in recent years, the development of smart homes has been rapid. Smart homes are mainly divided into two categories, one is smart hardware and the other is smart systems. Most of the smart hardware products that operate independently on the market can be called smart items. Various types of smart hardware such as home appliances, audio-visual and lighting, including smart fingerprint locks, are all smart items. Smart single products mostly use Bluetooth or WIFI technology to connect smart hardware devices to the network, and users can control their devices locally or remotely through mobile wireless terminals. So what are the differences between smart fingerprint lock and smart home? Conceptually: Smart fingerprint locks are based on modern home furnishings, incorporating modern hardware technology, electronic information, and IoT intelligence into home security products, making the home smart and making home life more convenient and comfortable. The smart home is based on a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, security technology, network communication technology, and automatic control technology to integrate household life-related facilities to build an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedules to improve home safety Sex, comfort and artistry, and realize an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment. Physically: Fingerprint locks are intelligent based on traditional home door locks, mainly integrating mechanical technology and electronic information technology. In the integration of the main body of the home, the door lock can be opened through touch; the smart fingerprint lock takes the data center as the core, uses the mobile device APP, uses WIFI, Bluetooth for transmission and data exchange to realize the wireless control function of the home. The smart home is a system that integrates various smart hardware devices such as doors and windows, home appliances, and security in the home through new technologies such as the Internet of Things. From a functional point of view: the smart fingerprint lock can be used to remotely open the home door or share the cloud key through the mobile phone terminal, and can also use the fingerprint, password, remote control and card operations to open the home entrance door lock, etc. The smart home can realize the control of the smart fingerprint lock. It has various functions of the smart fingerprint lock. It can also provide various methods such as lighting, home appliances, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, and environmental monitoring. Smart home will allow users to have a more convenient means to manage home smart devices, so that multiple devices can form a linkage. Although both smart fingerprint locks and smart homes are aimed at improving the quality of home life, and both are to make the home environment safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, there are still differences between the two. The smart fingerprint lock is the intelligence based on the traditional home door lock, and the smart home is the system that controls and manages the entire home smart product equipment
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