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Fission Europe type lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-11
Fission Europe type lock belongs to a branch field of locks, sought after by many customers in the market of Europe type lock surface texture is exquisite, feel comfortable, there are a lot of fine texture, atmospheric modeling of primitive simplicity, the main material is given priority to with zinc alloy, a good European fission lock life can reach more than 10 years, basically rarely fails, strong durability. Now on the market a lot of room door lock door lock manufacturers in the production of Europe type style, in order to better serve customers. Below small make up with all of you about how to choose a high quality European fission lock.     Buy a good quality of fission european-style room door lock is every customer want to know, small make up remind everybody, when trying to choose a very attention to detail the requirement of the clients, where it is written in the box lock origin, for the present, the domestic good lock factory assembled at 80% in wenzhou, zhejiang province, including brand manufacturer is not less than 10. Recommend to wenzhou lock as the first. In addition, in addition to the factory address, also depends on what kind of material production, contains a lock, lock body, the material of all such as handle; Is in line with the industry standard, is there any test certificates, etc.     Can see the fission ou shi fu yu hardware production room door, using his fifth generation DFN mute r&d technology, quality guaranteed, every room door lock from raw material selection, the processing and production, has a very strict testing standards, ensure that each application can meet industry standards, in cooperation period, also provide customer service one-on-one service, can't install? Have a fault? Can find the solution of the service, and don't have to worry about after-sales service.
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