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Five key points to choose locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
In daily life, there are not many people who really have deep knowledge and understanding of locks. So in general, the more expensive the locks look better, the better the locks are judged to be good quality products. This is the biggest wrong way to buy locks. We should consider the purchase of locks in a longer-term way. We should not only rely on the price to analyze the good and bad of locks, but also look at the overall situation, such as on the material, feel and surface, to recognize the brand 。 In the process of purchasing locks, we must pay attention to the following aspects: first, we should value the reputation, quality and popularity of all the products of the dealers, which is the work of after-sales service. This is for the sake of the maintenance and repair of locks in the future; 2、 When the product is sent to your hand, you must recognize the brand and model, check the details against the marks and marks on the package, and check whether the product has quality problems. If it is found that it does not conform to the contents of the manual, it must be replaced as soon as possible; 3、 Check the lock head, lock body, handle and other places to see if there is any crazing or fracture. At the same time, check whether the relevant supporting facilities are complete. Check whether there is any problem in the appearance and quality of the product and whether the color is bright and uniform; 4、 We should carefully and comprehensively check our own lock products to see if they are flexible and reliable in use function. It's better to select the same products for comparison to see if there are different places. For some special locks, we should carry out a comprehensive inspection both inside and outside; 5、 The last key point is to check the key of the core part of the lock to see if there is any obvious outstanding part in the tooth blossom situation. For the key with multiple tooth problems, check the insertion and extraction situation clearly to see if it is easy to break.
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