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Fluorite becomes haikangwei's profitable and innovative business, and the dawn of civil security has already appeared

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-13
Hikvision's first quarter report shows that fluorite business continues to develop rapidly. At the end of 2017, 28 million devices were connected to fluorite cloud, with more than 20 million users of fluorite cloud APP. In 2017, fluorite launched new products such as smart cat's eye and smart door lock, enriching the product choices of small and medium-sized enterprises, families and individual users. Fluorite's operating income exceeded 1 billion yuan in 2017 and realized profit, becoming the company's first profitable innovative business. Fluorite is a brand of haikangweishi's civilian business. The news of reporting profits will undoubtedly give a boost to the civil security market'. Fluorite becomes haikangwei's profitable and innovative business, and the civil security market is becoming clearer and clearer. Starting from Maslow's demand theory, security issues have become urgent needs; Judging from the population base, China's demand for civil security should also be strong. However, for a long time, the domestic civil security market has not developed rapidly. The security Civil market entered late and was still crossing the river by feeling the stones. China's security enterprises entered the civil market later than other professional and commercial markets. In the early days, the security industry had distinct engineering colors, and the application of security products mainly focused on engineering exhibitions. In recent years, with the development of intelligent anti-theft alarm technology, some security brands have begun to take the lead in entering the field of civil security, thus driving the rapid growth period in the field of civil security. However, this stage is mainly based on cooperation with real estate developers, entering in the form of engineering projects is limited to some villas and high-grade houses. The civil security market is still in a hot concept and the market is cold'The stage. As the country promotes projects such as safe city and safe community, the concept of national security has been fully formed and is currently in the transition period from public security system to personal security system. Intelligent security system is the patron saint of family security' As the highest demand area for smart home, only the home smart camera market has shown a flourishing scene, and the outbreak of smart locks has run out of the market of tens of billions, adding to the construction of an intelligent security system. These categories of security products have gradually made the civil market popular, changing the long-term situation of tepid intelligent security. Policy boosts, smart home market warms up on August 2017, the State Council officially issued the 'guiding opinions on further expanding and upgrading information consumption and continuously releasing domestic demand potential' (Hereinafter referred to as the 'guiding opinions') At the same time, it puts forward the key areas and policy measures for the development of information consumption in the future. In terms of focusing on the consumption of new information products, the Guiding Opinions pointed out that intelligent, high-end and integrated information products should be upgraded, focus on the development of new information products such as medium and high-end mobile communication terminals, wearable devices and digital home products oriented to consumption upgrading, as well as cutting-edge information products such as virtual reality, augmented reality, intelligent networked vehicles and intelligent service robots. At the same time, it is also pointed out that digital home products should be vigorously promoted and enterprises should be encouraged to develop smart home products and services oriented to customized application scenarios' Model, promote smart TV, smart audio, smart security and other new digital home products, actively promote common product technical standards and application specifications, strengthen the Internet' The development of artificial intelligence core technologies and platforms will promote the research and development and industrialization of virtual reality and augmented reality products, and support the innovation and industrialization upgrade of wearable devices, consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent service robots and other products. The consumer behavior changes, the promotion of civil security is possible, the market is changing, and the consumer behavior is changing. More and more post-90 s begin to replace the post-80 s as the main decision makers and buyers of household consumption. In this process, the demand for civil security has increased significantly, while the sensitivity to price has generally decreased. Compared to affordable' The new generation of consumers are also more concerned about smart and convenient' , Smart locks, intelligent surveillance cameras and other products have become the quality of life after 90'Synonymous. One-click solution'Intelligent Remote Control' The high frequency of such words is mentioned, which also reflects the era of consumption upgrading. Intelligent high-tech security and civil products are the mainstream development trend. Using AI to break through the civil security market, artificial intelligence will enter thousands of households like water and electricity in the future, profoundly changing people's lives. ' For example, the smart lock that everyone is familiar with now was a simple hardware product in the past, but in the future it will become an intelligent device that can actively identify and open the door automatically. ' This kind of transformation will not only appear on individual civil security products in the future, but also serve life as an intelligent whole. Artificial intelligence is accelerating the popularization of civil security products. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, security enterprises should develop and expand new momentum, strengthen the research and application of new generation artificial intelligence, develop civil security industry and expand intelligent life. Specifically, machines are used to learn and human beings save energy'. Conclusion: the big cake of the civil market makes every enterprise want to participate and share a piece of cake, but how to pry open the market and let consumers buy it is what security enterprises need to think about, perhaps only when it is integrated into the consumer market can the security industry be truly mature. In short, no matter what, the future of civil security is worth looking forward! ( This article is based on information collation of Huicong Consulting, Lei Feng Network, haikangweishi annual report, oviyun network and communication World Network, edited by china security exhibition Network)
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