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Focus on the 9th China Gate fair: smart lock refracts big 'Gate Road'

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-23
Compared with last year, the number and functions of smart lock manufacturers have increased this year. ' On the 27th, a Shanxi supplier was in the 9th China (Yongkang) According to the international door fair, smart locks are entering the homes of users all over China, presenting an intelligent door'. Smart locks are becoming more and more popular, which is the highlight and trend of this conference. Zheng Gang, general manager of Ruiyi's self-contained equipment, believes that behind this trend is the new ecological change brought about by the development of advanced manufacturing industry. With the application of face recognition and cloud computing in the door industry, technology dividends' It has become a new advantage booster for rebuilding yongkangmen enterprises, and it has opened up key elements and integrated into the real economic channel. Ruiyi is one of the exhibitors of this year's expo, and is committed to China's independent research and development of the Dragon core'Combined with smart lock. Zheng Gang said that Yongkang is the capital of hardware' And the lock is called hardware'. Under the wave of consumption upgrading, the city's mass production has reduced the cost of smart locks, increased user demand and promoted more technology innovation. Based on this, the door lock is no longer an isolated entrance device, but a part of the smart home ecology. At Haier booth, smart cloud lock'Attract a lot of people to stop. When the smart lock is accidentally forcibly destroyed, the community will immediately receive an alarm, receive information such as the user's address, and promptly alarm. ' Miao Lufeng, Haier's product director, said that the lock will build a cloud security and community service ecosystem. In Miao Lufeng's view, smart lock is an intelligent life entrance product. When it links more intelligent products, it can let users experience a complete intelligent ecology without changing their living habits. Haier is a microcosm of Chinese enterprises' commitment to improving intelligent manufacturing. In fact, the development of intelligent manufacturing has become the consensus of many enterprises in the door industry'. Liu Xiaoyong, general manager of Zhongheng lock industry, believes that enterprises should get rid of the production mode of low added value and high energy consumption, realize Internet information exchange in the industrial chain, connect technology research and development and production assembly, and transform the traditional door industry into advanced manufacturing industry. This requires the joint efforts of all manufacturers in the door industry and the support of the government to push Zhejiang's intelligent manufacturing to a new level. ' Upgrade the door industry with smart locks and open the intelligent ecology with doors. Yongkang actively adapts to the new wave of intelligent manufacturing and vigorously implements the transformation and promotion of traditional industries'Made in China 2025'Action Plan, toward building' China and even the world advanced manufacturing base'Move forward. 'Yongkang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Jin Zheng said. (End)
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