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Forget to bring the key to find Haikou regular lock company

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
On Monday afternoon, firefighters were climbing a building in a small community in Shanghai. The reporter originally thought that someone was looking for a short-term view to jump from the building, but the aunt of the onlooker said that the key of the family on the fourth floor had been forgotten. A firefighter holds his hands on the balustrade of the 5th floor balcony and dangles his feet between the 4th and 5th floors. The balcony window on the fourth floor was open, and the soldier was trying to climb in through it. Captain Shi said they had a fire truck and 10 firefighters. Finally, after taking safety measures, a soldier turned to the balcony on the fourth floor through the window on the fifth floor and opened the door smoothly. The whole process took about 30 minutes. 'We are neither professional nor adventurous in unlocking.' Xiao Li, a firefighter from the city's fire department, told reporters that according to the fire law, fire fighting and emergency rescue are the top priorities of the fire department. Here, we solemnly appeal to the public to ask professional locksmiths to solve the problem, so as not to occupy the fire police force and affect the smooth flow of rescue channels. There are three characteristics of master Huang in Haikou: 1. Public security record, strength brand ① since its establishment, he has served tens of thousands of enterprises / families and has rich experience. ② 24-hour special vehicle unlocking service, locksmith has many years of experience in unlocking, superb technology. ③ We promise: no opening, no charge. Arrive at the scene in 230 minutes to solve your urgent need ① multiple unlocking service vehicles, arrive in 30 minutes to serve you. ② Locksmith lock certificate registration, professional training, to ensure property safety. ③ With the cooperation of all major unlock companies, we have a professional unlock technology team. 3. Perfect security service system ① modern enterprise management mode, convenient and quick to provide customers with the whole service. ② The certification procedures are complete and the procedures are marked to ensure the property safety after the event. ③ Pre sale, in sale and after-sale service.
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