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Forgot to take my keys and lost the key, is a kind of say a helpless!

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Remember one morning a few months before go out, 'pa' 1 is the door shut the invention, the original left my keys in the room could not get into this, out of the door is not locked and this kind of pain is not assured, in addition to me this kind of amnesia, outside of company and who can understand? Forgot the key, is a kind of unspeakable pain do much more then don't go to work, and to be competent a stinging attack to the unit, always in the clouds all day concerns the thief won't won't by itself is not at home to crazy moment home theft? Fortunately, it seems there is nothing of value itself home to steal, to think of it itself is in a good mood a lot of home at night, you home again the struggle is over a window, a locksmith unlock, please turn over the window, so worry hanging dashed, isn't worth a locksmith, please, and have to spend money, love is the second time this year to forget to bring my keys so much, even please locksmith is going to be able to afford the tangle after repeatedly, so for the sake of safety, the master decided to please a locksmith to open the lock locksmith less than 30 seconds to open the door and I lost 100 yuan for the unlock this year since have spent 200 yuan to solve the problem that take the door forget to bring my keys is a kind of inarticulate sense about the key, it's not all early last month, in the evening when I come back to home from work to develop the keys in the office, go home, it's too far, peak don't go home again! Can only once again please locksmith, finally still bite the bullet for convenience please the locksmith helping and spent 100 yuan, the year has spent 300 yuan to locksmith unlock the key to forget, please, please just a locksmith unlock but can only be replaced if lost key lock just yesterday, the loss of key it also really fall upon my desperation, I indirectly replaced by intelligent lock now all not disturbed by the key again beside you have friends ask me then buckle at ordinary times, how can now installed a thousands of smart lock then I calculated brushstroke zhang with them last year lost keys, lock in two spent 600 yuan, forgot to take my key once the door unlock fee of 100 yuan last year in order to change the lock and unlock spending a total of 700 yuan this year, forgot to take my keys 3 times cost me 300 yuan for the lock two years add up the cost of the lock, lock was 1000 yuan, for I madly amnesia and maybe in the future we will have forgot to take the key and the loss of key happened so, it is better to indirectly into a smart lock one-time spending thousands, but it's only love once because often forgot to take my keys, that kind of pain, loss of key that bitter, I have had enough of you ever have so much suffering? If have, that is in a smart lock!
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