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Four precautions for smart lock purchase

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
1 environmental conditions and requirements for use. It is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the use environment, such as the structural thickness of the dry and humidity door, whether the left door or the right door, whether the inside door or the outside door, in order to prevent the wrong products. 2 place used and its importance. That is to say, it is considered to be used on the bathroom or passageway of the front entrance hall, so as to select the intelligent lock products suitable for the required functions. 3. Consider the coordination with the decoration environment. According to their own preferences, the purchase of lock products should consider the coordination with their rooms and matching should be consistent. 4 consider the situation of family members. Consider whether there are old people, children or disabled people in the home, and choose the lock products that are convenient for him or her to use. The fatal defect of fingerprint lock () in recent years, fingerprint lock has become a new favorite in the industry. Because of the uniqueness and high technology of fingerprint lock, many thieves who only can unlock the lock with ordinary methods have no way to start. However, fingerprint locks that seem to have strong anti-theft performance actually have their own fatal weakness. Fingerprint lock is composed of electronic components, which are most afraid of problems such as power supply and water in rusty circuit. These problems are the fatal weakness of electronic lock. It is likely that such a small fault will lead to the lock can not be opened. Therefore, no manufacturer does not add emergency lock to its fingerprint lock, and these emergency locks are mechanical locks. Mechanical locks have mechanical locks Disadvantages: mechanical lock is easy to open with ordinary unlocking tools, so it greatly increases the insecurity.
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