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From questioning to popularity, what has smart locks experienced?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
At the beginning of the Smart Lock's popularity, its security has been questioned, and major hacker conferences' News of smart home products such as smart door locks and electronic cameras has emerged from time to time, causing panic among consumers. However, the smart lock industry is becoming more and more prosperous. In recent years, China's smart lock industry and market have developed very rapidly. Up to now, there are more than 1300 enterprises and more than 2800 brands in the country. In 2017, China's smart lock production and sales reached 8 million sets. So what has the smart lock industry experienced from questioning to popularity? The safety performance of technology replacement has improved. China's locks have lasted for thousands of years and have a history of five thousand years. From the beginning of the latch to the metal lock, and then to the current smart lock, the history of lock development is obvious to all. In the 1970s S, smart locks began to come into people's sight, and their internal Technologies also changed with the development of microelectronics, biotechnology and Bluetooth technology. Lock cylinder more security: lock whether security of key really is in lock cylinder currently on the market 70% more than smart lock supporting of is B level or C level more than of lock cylinder, so most of smart lock has been to or more than the traditional lock of level. Passwords are from single to diverse: Smart Lock products have developed from single fingerprint lock to comprehensive products of various electronic information technologies such as passwords, cards, internet of things, biometric identification, etc, it is integrating with emerging industries such as smart home. For example, many smart locks support the virtual password function; The smart lock on the market has the function of identifying true and false fingerprints; In addition, the intelligent lock also has the functions of remote alarm, remote call, camera Archive, etc. , which greatly improves the security of the intelligent lock. The hacker decryption mentioned above is relatively low in the life. According to experts, hackers need to have three conditions to crack the smart lock of the user's home: first, hackers need to get the server network interface of this smart lock. Secondly, hackers need to obtain the mobile phone number used by users to set smart locks, which is also the key condition for hackers to crack smart locks. Finally, hackers need to crack the smart lock at close range. The market is open and capital is poured into smart locks as the first entrance to smart homes' With high user stickiness and high frequency of use'Features. China has a population of 1. 4 billion and nearly 0. 4 billion households, but the penetration rate is less than 3%, which means that 97% of households will have the possibility of consumption upgrading in the future, which will be A- level market; At the same time, with the arrival of the era of fine decoration, the market capacity of smart lock pre-installation should not be underestimated. Secondly, smart lock is still a blue ocean market, and there is no really strong brand at present. Therefore, most giants want to be the leader in this field, and all major brands want to compete for this entrance. At present, there are five camps in the smart lock market: 1. Traditional lock enterprises. They have off-the-shelf factories and suppliers, and they can quickly and rapidly transform their products by adding core components such as circuit boards, biometric modules, microprocessor CPU, and embedded programs. 2. Security enterprises. It is mainly a video intercom enterprise and some video surveillance enterprises. Its characteristic is to associate the intelligent lock with the video intercom system through a gateway and connect it to the cloud. 3. Intelligent household appliance enterprises. Such as Haier, Midea and other enterprises, the main smart home appliances, with smart locks for export to open up a wider territory. 4. IT enterprises. Mainly based on Lenovo and godson, smart locks are launched through its Smart Home division. 5. Communication enterprises. ZTE and Samsung are the main ones, which are basically the same as the IT camp's mode of cutting into smart locks. They are all operated through the smart home division. The brand is big and the head is loud, but the products are few.
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