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Fruit: let the Internet smart lock open the Digital travel door

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-26
With the upgrading of consumption and the surging tide of the Internet, the traditional tourism and accommodation industry has also begun to think about how to break the border and realize the upgrading of formats. In the process of opening the digital tourism door, the fruit and Internet smart lock with the characteristics of rigid demand and high frequency use is the first to bear the brunt and become the entry point for the digitalization of tourism accommodation. Fruit Plus: let the Internet smart lock open the Digital Tourism gate and digitize the resources. Cloud management is a sharp tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Fruit plus Internet smart lock connects the door lock with the fruit plus cloud computing center through the fruit box and connects the lock body to the network. The administrator can operate and manage a large number of door locks online in real time through PC, mobile phone, PAD and other tools, remotely issue management rights, send time-sensitive passwords and other operations, the problem that the resource distance of guest rooms affects the management efficiency is solved. Fruit plus self-developed LM system (Internet intelligent lock Management System) It can be seamlessly connected with the PMS system used by hotels and residential quarters, and the dynamic information of housing sources is automatically updated in real time, thus realizing accurate management of housing. Guest order-Reservation-Check in-Check out' The realization of self-help in the whole process reduces the waiting time for guests to book, check-in, check-out and other links, and also avoids the problem of no housing after the reservation, greatly improving the efficiency and satisfaction of guests. The digital experience of staying in the market, seizing the emerging post-90 s market and using big data to outline the travel portrait of the 11th users in 2016: The number of post-90 s travelers exceeded the post-80 s and became the main force of travel. With the growth of the Internet wave, the Post-90 s generation has gradually entered a rising period of economic income, and the post-90 s generation with less living pressure are more willing to stay in personalized and high-quality accommodation. Compared with Price, security, privacy and occupancy experience become important indicators of choice. Therefore, new travel accommodation methods such as apartments, homestays and inns have gradually become the first choice for post-90 s travel accommodation. In the door lock management of such accommodation, Guojia Internet smart lock shows an absolute advantage. The Plus Internet smart lock can be unlocked by remotely issuing a time-sensitive password, and each guest will get his own password'To achieve one guest and one lock' , Guests can self-service from reservation to check-out. Guoga APP supports all kinds of accommodation platforms and the embedding of the mobile terminal of the users of accommodation operators. After authorization, residents can use the operator APP to realize Bluetooth inductive door opening, one-button door opening and other functions. The Plus Internet smart lock guarantees the safety and privacy of the guests, and eliminates the security risks caused by the guest's copying of the room card or the loss of the room card. The room management does not need to worry about the safety and management of the room card. The tourism and accommodation industry will use intelligent hardware to provide high-quality occupancy experience for residents and improve service quality, which will become one of the core competitiveness in the digital tourism era. In the process of digitalization of tourism accommodation, enterprises that respond quickly, adapt to changes and build core competitiveness accordingly may eventually become winners in the competition in the digital era. As an important part of the industrial chain, Guojia conforms to the evolution trend of the industry and provides Guojia hardware cloud services based on Internet smart locks for tourism and accommodation customers. At present, Guojia is far ahead of the domestic commercial market, link (Freely) Users such as Zhuzhe, Tujia and Ctrip have reached strategic partnerships with Guojia. At the same time, the recruitment of fruit and Canada's national channel cooperation was officially opened, bringing better accommodation experience to more apartment/B & B/Inn residents and accelerating the digitalization of national tourism accommodation.
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