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Functions and characteristics of zinc alloy indoor door lock is introduced Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-09
Along with the hot real estate market development, also has brought new opportunities to the upstream and downstream enterprises. Indoor door lock is very common in our life products, home, office, library, supermarket, hospital, etc can meet all kinds of interior door lock. There are many kinds of common indoor door lock, modelling is also each are not identical. In numerous indoor door lock, the zinc alloy indoor door lock is more popular, so this kind of material of indoor door lock, what are the features and functions? Fu yu hardware below detailed introduction for you.     First, the function of the zinc alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   Zinc alloy indoor door lock is very important in the family is decorated in, appearance beautiful, aesthetically pleasing indoor door lock can be used as a good decoration, in addition, some zinc alloy indoor door lock used mute structure design, installation in the study or the bedroom door, can you give the owners to create a good quiet space, reduce the impact of external noise. And zinc alloy indoor door lock has a lot of different styles, can choose according to individual aesthetic preferences.     Second, the characteristics of the zinc alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   1, zinc alloy indoor door lock has good plasticity, can be designed according to the requirements of no different modelling, the decoration environment at the same time, more can create indoor whole environment, most of the time, even a zinc alloy indoor door lock is a kind of beautiful scenery, attract people's attention.     2, is zinc alloy electroplating materials well, many people think that indoor door lock easily oxidized zinc alloy material, use for a long time can rub off and so on. This statement is both right and wrong, has a power door lock manufacturers, production of zinc alloy door locks, indoor use electroplating process, on the zinc alloy surface plating layers of other metals, protect the zinc alloy will not be dust stain; And some small workshops to produce zinc alloy indoor door lock, because all aspects of the conditions is limited, galvanized coating is very thin, or don't electroplating, use for a long time, of course, will be oxidized.     3, the market price of the zinc alloy indoor door lock is not high, the retail price of zinc alloy indoor door lock on the market basically to 100 yuan, for most consumers can afford. If is a factory, or stores need to supply for a long time, can and indoor door lock manufacturers long-term cooperation, wholesale price, save more cost.     Conclusion: & emsp;   Above is the small make up of zinc alloy indoor door lock concretely introduces the functions and characteristics, through small make up to share, I believe you for zinc alloy indoor door lock already have a certain understanding. If necessary, can look for professional manufacturer for procurement.
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