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Fuyu Fingerprint Lock: A small black box on the Internet can't blacken the Fuyu Liushuntian Eye Smart Lock-Media Report

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-24
Recently, a web post about 'small black box breaking smart lock in seconds' attracted the attention of many smart lock consumers. In some test videos, it was claimed that more than 90% of domestic smart locks were easily cracked and opened by small black boxes. The worries and panic of smart locks. At this time, Fuyu's Liushun Tianyan smart lock was officially on sale, and the official immediately released a related test video for the small black box. The test video can be followed through the Fuyu WeChat public account 'Fuyu Door Lock'. Liushun Tianyan Smart The lock will not be cracked or unlocked, it will not crash, and it can be used normally. According to Fuyu Hardware Smart Lock Engineer Wang Shifu, the 'small black box' is the principle of Tesla coil unlocking: the use of a transformer to boost ordinary voltage to form a strong magnetic pulse. After the strong electromagnetic pulse attacks the smart lock chip, it will cause the chip to crash. And restart, and some smart locks automatically unlock after restarting by default, so the Tesla coil can open this kind of smart lock with defective design. Fuyu Liushun Tianyan smart lock is not only designed with metal layer isolation on the control circuit of the door lock, but also with a conductive magnetic protection circuit on the wire, which can effectively protect against electromagnetic attacks. In addition, the Liushun Tianyan smart lock has passed the GA 374-2001, GA 701-2007, JG/T 394-2012 national Ministry of Public Security and industry standard certification, and the Liushun Tianyan smart lock has to pass 30 before leaving the factory. A number of inspections, Liushun Tianyan smart lock has undergone pre-process inspection, process inspection, post-process inspection, and has passed the 100 grid test, durability test, hardness test, acrylic copper test, color difference analysis test, UV test and salt spray test series Testing to ensure foolproof quality. It can be seen that the small black box has not compromised all domestic smart locks this time, as long as the corresponding preventive measures are in place, security problems can be avoided. At the same time, I also remind everyone that, as an important product to protect the safety of the family's property, users should put safety first when purchasing, and give priority to products with national certification and brand quality assurance! I also hope that everyone will not blindly panic and spread similar news, and give the 'bad guys' a chance.
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