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Fuyu fingerprint lock manufacturer: what are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-25
Although fingerprint locks are high in security, they are not without shortcomings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint locks? Today, Fuyu fingerprint lock manufacturer will answer you one by one. 1. The advantages of fingerprint locks 1. Security, ordinary mechanical lock keys can be copied, and the owner is not assured after others use it. The fingerprint is unique. There are no two fingerprints that are exactly the same in the world. 2. Convenience, no need to carry the key with you, and it is a key that will never be lost. A person's fingerprint will remain the same for life, and one fingerprint can be used for life. And one person can input fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse lift to lock. 3. Scalability, can hold 120 fingerprints, and can register and input fingerprints, delete fingerprints at will, the management of fingerprints is very convenient, compared with ordinary mechanical locks, it saves the trouble of preparing and recovering keys, especially suitable for office use Housing and rental housing. 4. Long-term maintenance-free, ordinary mechanical locks have a short service life, and are prone to failures during use, and have to break in. The fingerprint lock basically does not malfunction. 2. Fingerprint lock shortcomings 1. Easy to be copied and scanned The surface area is large and it is made of plastic material, which is easy to be malignantly damaged, leading to improper unlocking. 2. Once the power is cut off, a AA battery is required, which is difficult to buy in some secondary cities. Although fingerprints are used, once there is an emergency, the key must be carried around. It is easy to be lost and stolen, and there is still the trouble of changing the lock. 3. Fingerprint locks also have disadvantages such as high cost, fragile parts and difficult maintenance.
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