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Fuyu Hardware, let the fingerprint lock enter thousands of households at a civilian price

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-25
A shirt that costs 15 yuan will cost 150 yuan in many shopping malls, a pair of leather shoes that cost 50 yuan will cost 500 yuan in the mall, and a fingerprint lock that costs 500 yuan will cost 2500 yuan at a hardware store or a home appliance store. The pricing ratio is 5-10 times, and there are countless examples of this. For many years, the efficiency of the business world is generally low, and there is a huge loss in the middle of the operation of the business. In the end, consumers need to pay the bill. In the fingerprint lock industry, the current installation volume for home users is less than 3%. The core reason is that most consumers currently think fingerprint locks are expensive. So it is difficult to promote. If fingerprint locks are to be quickly popularized by ordinary household users, then the price of this mountain must be a breakthrough in the fingerprint lock industry. Fuyu Hardware, as a precision manufacturer of fingerprint door locks, has been exploring how to let consumers buy fingerprint locks with guaranteed quality and fair prices for many years. Who is Fuyu Hardware? Fuyu Hardware is a manufacturing enterprise that designs, produces and sells smart door locks and household hardware as its main products. The company vision of Fuyu Hardware is to always use the spirit of ingenuity to make products that make users scream, and the price is real, so that users all over the world can enjoy the charm of precision manufacturing. For more than 30 years, Fuyu Hardware has been working hard to innovate, constantly pursuing to make the ultimate product and efficiency, from the perspective of manufacturing, to save the user's cost and improve the efficiency of production. In order to improve production efficiency, ensure the scale and quality of products. Since 2005, Fuyu Hardware has introduced a full-automatic die-casting production line, a fully-automatic polishing line, the world’s advanced fully-automatic electroplating line, an electrophoresis line, a spraying line, a vacuum coating line and other diversified surface treatment processes and various forms of assembly lines. . For more than 30 years, Fuyu Hardware has been serving many well-known brands in the world. ASSA ABLOY, YALE, ERA, FABu0026FIX, TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, IKEA, etc. Insist that the profit rate of product manufacturing does not exceed 5%. For more than 30 years, Fuyu Hardware has devoted every effort to product development and manufacturing. Many consumers may not know that there is a company like Fuyu Hardware in the market. We rarely advertise. , Because we did not focus on selling products to mass end customers, Fuyu’s business model is mainly tied to some well-known companies around the world, providing them with product processing and product supporting services. But in the household hardware and door lock hardware market, many consumers use Fuyu products. As an excellent precision manufacturing company, we make the product quality better and better, but the price is lower and lower. For more than 30 years, the comprehensive profit rate of Fuyu Hardware has not exceeded 5%. We have been optimizing the supply chain of our factory and reducing the manufacturing cost of products through fully automated production. Fuyu Hardware has stable product quality, high production efficiency and good product prices, so many excellent and well-known companies around the world have chosen to cooperate with Fuyu for a long time. Over the years, we have been reasonably controlling manufacturing costs and earning profits every year. More than 30% is invested in the purchase of advanced equipment. Redefining the business model: Internet + new retail + leading manufacturing technology. As the profit of the manufacturing industry is getting lower and lower, the prices of products sold on the market are getting more and more expensive. Take the fingerprint lock as an example. The manufacturing cost is only 500 Yuan locks are circulated to the market through layers of links, and the price is between 2500-3000 yuan. In Fuyu's view, it is always incomprehensible. Why does the manufacturing industry pay the most and finally get the least profit, and it is getting less and less, so is there any hope for Chinese manufacturing? And the huge losses incurred in the course of business operations will ultimately require users to pay? In order to change this problem, Fuyu Hardware began to explore a new business model in 2017. We are determined to change the generally low efficiency of the fingerprint lock industry. In the end, we hope that through our efforts, consumers will be able to afford fingerprint locks and fingerprint locks. Walk into thousands of households. In order to improve the commercial efficiency revolution of the fingerprint lock industry, Fuyu Hardware proposed our new business model in 2017: leading manufacturing technology + Internet + new retail. With the new business model, we hope that the transaction cost can be greatly reduced and the service can be improved when the product is finally delivered to the user.
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