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Fuyu smart fingerprint lock, first-class after-sales service industry

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-23
The current lock industry has developed to a very mature stage, but after smart door locks came out and began to become popular, problems of one kind or another began to appear. It does not deny the advantages of smart door locks in terms of safety and convenience, but there are also many consumers who complain that the quality of smart locks is not so good after a period of use. Here we must realize that smart door locks are a kind of durable consumer goods. Even the best smart locks still need essential maintenance measures during use. So what are the precautions for the maintenance of smart door locks? Fuyu smart fingerprint lock development engineer gave a few tips, let's take a look. Correctly understanding the maintenance problem of smart locks is the maintainability concept of smart locks. That is, if the maintainability of the smart lock is good, it means that low-cost quick repairs can be used, and the service life of the smart lock will be longer. Secondly, when smart lock manufacturers are designing smart locks, if they can choose new materials that are compatible with the performance standards and requirements of smart locks, they can also achieve the purpose of extending the service life of smart locks. Fingerprint lock. Installation must be professional. The internal structure of smart locks is much more complicated than traditional mechanical locks. Therefore, it is recommended to find professionals to install and do not install or disassemble by yourself. Here, it is best to choose smart lock manufacturers with good after-sales service when purchasing smart locks to avoid other problems that cannot be solved by the smart lock in the future. Pay attention to moisture and avoid chemical corrosion. Fingerprint door locks have been used for a long time. The surface of the fingerprint collection window may be wet or stained with dirt. To avoid moisture and scratches, wipe gently with a dry soft cloth; of course, do not use alcohol, Gasoline, thinner or other flammable substances are used to clean or maintain the door lock. If the lock surface comes in contact with corrosive chemicals, it is likely to damage the protective layer of the lock surface and cause the surface coating to oxidize, so that the smart lock is not beautiful ~Pay attention to the purchase and replacement of batteries. Try to choose AA alkaline batteries with large capacity in the purchase of batteries. When the battery power is insufficient, the batteries should be replaced in time to ensure the normal use of the door lock. Occasionally plug in the battery panel for inspection to prevent leakage. If you are out for a long time or in the rainy season, remember to replace the battery with a new one to prevent the battery fluid from corroding the internal circuit. Of course, the Fuyu smart fingerprint lock uses 8 batteries up and down, and the fingerprint and password verification modules are independently powered. Even if the fingerprint module is insufficiently powered, the password can still be unlocked. Don't 'press' smart door locks. Some people are used to hanging things on the door handles. It looks convenient, but it can cause great damage to the door locks. The handle is the key part of opening and closing the door, and its flexibility directly affects the use of the fingerprint lock. In addition, the LCD screen of the smart door lock should not be pressed or knocked vigorously, and do not hit or knock the shell with hard objects; the fingerprint lock with a sliding cover should also be careful not to pull it out and use it correctly. Check the smart door lock regularly and it is recommended to check your smart lock once half a year or once a year. For example, ensure that the fastening screws are loose, the fit gap between the lock body and the lock plate, etc. If any problems are found, they must be solved by professionals in time. So as to extend the service life of smart door locks. The maintenance of smart door locks depends on our daily life. As long as we are a caring person, we can protect the first line of defense for family safety. Why not do it? Fuyu Smart Fingerprint Lock , 2 years renewal, 3 years warranty, lifetime warranty.
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