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Fuyu Smart Lock: Behind every lock, there is a story

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-19
Master Zhou is a Fuyu smart lock installation service master who came to Ningbo from his hometown in the countryside when he was 20 years old. He has many years of experience in the locksmith industry (opening and changing locks). With the increase in quantity, he has to install more than 5 smart locks on average every day. His good craftsmanship and good service have been recognized and appreciated by many owners. Master Zhou said: “The locksmith can only serve one family well and bring convenience to each home. Customer’s problems can have a long-term foothold in the industry.' In the city of Ningbo, the story of his relationship with the owner due to smart locks happens every day. Today, we select three from the many Fuyu smart lock owners and talk about theirs. story. The first principal, Mr. He: 38 years old, owner of a decoration company, a family of three, at noon one day, Master Zhou received an urgent call, 'Is that Master Zhou? Can you change my fingerprint lock right away? I'm here. Shuxiangjingyuan community xxxx' Master Zhou added Mr. He's WeChat after the call, and sent the style and picture of the fingerprint lock to Mr. He for selection, and then set off to Mr. He's house with the lock. After arriving, I learned that Mr. He's wife and children have recently returned to their hometown. Mr. He hurriedly left the room in the morning and forgot to take the keys and couldn't enter the house. I just went home at noon to pick up some information and I had to go out to see the client in the afternoon, so I was very anxious. It took Mr. Zhou more than 40 minutes to remove Mr. He’s old lock and install the Fuyu fingerprint lock. Then he spent a few minutes teaching Mr. He how to set the fingerprint and password of the administrator and ordinary users, and how to configure the network to pass. Mobile phone to check the door opening record information, etc. After installing the fingerprint lock for Mr. He, Mr. He was very happy to call his old lady and said that he had installed a fingerprint lock at home, and he would not need to bring the key in the future. Mr. He said, “I wanted to change the fingerprint lock a long time ago, but I haven’t made up my mind. I think it’s okay to be late. Through this incident, Mr. He decided that he must install a fingerprint lock. It would not be so troublesome to install it early.” Mr. He also expressed his gratitude to Master Zhou for coming home so quickly and efficiently. Master Zhou said that in fact, he usually gets busy, and he is afraid of encountering such anxious customers. But after so many years, he is also used to it, because every month there are many such customers because they forgot to bring the key into the house, and then very anxiously waiting at the door to change the fingerprint lock, so in general, try to do 1 You have to come to your door within hours. If you are busy or make an appointment with other customers, you can only hand it over to other colleagues. The second main worker, Aunt Wang, renovated the wedding room for his son, who just wanted to buy a smart lock. Aunt Wang learned about the Fuyu smart lock at the Ningbo Housing Expo. Aunt Wang just went to the Housing Expo to buy new home furnishings for her son. When she passed the Fuyu Smart Lock booth, she immediately attracted Aunt Wang’s attention. She said that now Young people like high-tech and smart products. The consumption habits of our older generations are different. I used to see fingerprint locks when watching TV series. It was very convenient to open the door. I said that my son must also like this new high-tech product. Aunt Wang added our customer service WeChat and took the smart lock product manual, and said that she would go back to discuss with her son. According to Aunt Wang, my son will get married at the end of the year. Now my family is helping my son renovate the wedding room. My son is also very busy at work. Therefore, two elderly people help the son to manage many things in the wedding room decoration. I want to have such a father and mother. The son must be very happy. After a week or so, Aunt Wang contacted us and said that he had discussed with her son. Aunt Wang's son liked our Skyeye smart lock with WiFi networking version. Not only did it have a variety of ways to open the door, but also brought a camera to take pictures, just open the door. There will be photos and door opening records and you can check it on your mobile phone, and ask us to arrange for the master to come and install it. When Master Zhou came to install the installation, Aunt Wang and his son were waiting for Master Zhou in the new house early. After the installation was completed, Aunt Wang’s son couldn’t wait to enter fingerprints and test the camera effect. After the last operation, they were very satisfied. I also entered the fingerprint and password for Aunt Wang. It can be seen that the two mothers and children get along very well, because it is very rare for the two mothers and children to experience happiness together because of a fingerprint lock. The third principal is Mr. Zhou, 32 years old, a lawyer, living alone. Mr. Zhou is a lawyer who often travels to help clients in lawsuits. He has a house in Ningbo, and he cannot live for a few days in a month. I heard from Mr. Zhou that the law and order in his community is not particularly good, and there have been several thefts. Once in an elevator, I saw the Fuyu smart lock elevator advertisement saying that the Fuyu smart lock has the function of staying and capturing, which is very attractive to him, so he contacted us 400 phone to install a smart lock at the door. Mr. Zhou especially likes the camera function of the Fuyu smart lock and the smart alarm reminder. He said that traditional mechanical locks are passive security. After the smart lock is installed, it becomes an active defense against home security. As long as a mobile phone is out of business, there is no need to worry about home security. The problem, through the WeChat official account of Fuyu smart lock mobile phone, there is a real-time reminder and smart alarm function. Moreover, if a thief stays at the door, he will snap a photo, which can promptly remind the property to come and deal with it. And don’t worry about going home in the middle of the night and forgetting to bring your keys into the house. It’s really safe and assured. Fuyu Smart Lock will witness every family story full of warmth and love with you.
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