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Fuyu Smart Lock: The pains and worries of smart lock installation and after-sales platform

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-20
Over the years, the smart lock industry has become popular, and related installation and after-sales service platforms have also increased. The major installation platforms have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain, and they have all tried their best to snatch one's own land. But in fact, if many installation platforms are simply doing the installation and after-sales of smart locks in one industry, life is a bit difficult at the moment. So, the smart lock industry is on the rise, and the market is also rising, can the installation and after-sales platform also develop rapidly with the smart lock market? Can the installation and after-sales industry apply Didi's order dispatching model to successfully break through? Most importantly, does the smart lock industry really need an installation and after-sales platform? Today’s smart lock industry installation and after-sales platforms, although not as many as thousands of smart lock brands, there are still forty to fifty. Among so many installation and after-sales platforms, some have their own installation teams. Some have only built a platform like Didi. However, due to too many participants and fierce competition, the first problem facing the current installation and after-sales platform is: Does the smart lock industry really need such an installation platform? Who will stay in the end? First of all, from the current point of view, most of the orders for the large installation platforms are sourced online. However, with the rise of the new retail model, many big brands and well-known brands have achieved the synchronization of offline and online. Distributors and agents in various places can not only make offline sales profits, but most of the online installation and after-sales It is also done by local distributors and agents, so many brands have directly transferred the costs of installation and after-sales to their own distributors. Even if I will give some orders for the installation platform, they are basically orders that I can't afford to come by. For manufacturers, the installation and after-sales are completed by their own dealers. On the one hand, it can better guarantee the quality of installation and after-sales. On the other hand, the costs incurred by installation and after-sales are earned by dealers, which is also a way to support dealers. Method, so for dealers and manufacturers, this is a win-win thing. Secondly, because the current installation and after-sales platforms want to do national business, the installation masters on their own platforms are all voluntarily joined by the installation masters from all over the country, it is difficult to achieve all-round training, and many do not have unified installation and after-sales standards. Therefore, the installation quality of the master installer may not be guaranteed. For a manufacturer who is responsible to consumers, he certainly does not want problems in the installation and after-sales links. Therefore, how to ensure the quality and professionalism of the installation master is the second problem faced by the installation and after-sales platform. Third, because big brands have complete sales and after-sales systems and channels. Therefore, many installation platforms can only accept orders from small brands, or scattered orders, or temporary orders that a certain brand dealer is too busy to handle, so the amount of installation is limited. If there is not a large enough volume, how can the installation and after-sales platform make a profit and survive? Recently, an installer responded that his installation fee of more than 1,000 yuan on the platform has been owed for several months and has not been settled yet. So, how to settle accounts for installers who join the platform if it is not profitable? This is the third difficulty facing the installation and after-sales platform. In addition, whether to focus on retail installation or engineering installation has become the fourth problem faced by installation and after-sales platforms. All the problems mentioned in the previous article are the problems faced by the retail sector. So what problems are faced by the installation and after-sales platforms in the field of engineering installation? First of all, the amount of engineering installation seems to be large, but the price is very low, so it can only be 'small profits but quick turnover'; second, the settlement cycle of engineering installation is long. Once the capital chain is broken, the platform will not be able to sustain Very strong capital pool, or other industry support. Some people may ask: Some installation platforms are just an intermediary, just like Didi, they only provide a platform for communication and settlement between enterprises, installation masters, and users. As long as the platform is set up, it’s OK. How difficult can it be? First, make an APP, and maintaining an APP is a big expense. If you want to receive the engineering installation order, do you want to form a team? Without forming a team, can real estate developers be convinced of themselves? Building a team or maintaining a platform is a daily expense. Some platforms follow the didi model in the early stage, burn money to build momentum, and subsidize installation masters with high subsidies. For an installation and after-sales platform that does not have strong funds, if Burn out the money in the early stage, how to develop in the later stage?
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