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Global radar wants you to 'lock' more than a fingerprint lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
From Ancient Times to the present, even if modern life is full of intelligence, safety is always a constant problem for citizens. Do you have such experience? 1. Came home from work to find key left the company 2. I didn't bring the key until I arrived at the door after school. I just went out and found that I didn't bring my mobile phone, but the door was locked and the key was at home. At night, social parties go home to open the door and wake up the family every time. Invite friends to the house party but let friends stay at the door because of temporary overtime. Every time I go shopping, I can't find the key to unlock the bag. In which pocket, the global radar wants you to lock' I think, more than a fingerprint lock, what are the advantages of a fingerprint lock compared to a traditional lock? First, the door lock is safer to open. The mechanical lock needs to be opened with a key, and the opening part inserted into the keyhole must be exposed, which also gives the thief a chance. The fingerprint lock needs to open the door with a fingerprint or password, the collection part is outside the door, and the Central Control part is inside. The global radar fingerprint lock is equipped with a Super C- class lock cylinder, which passes through the lock body and the door. Even if the shell is completely removed by violent damage, the door can still be firmly locked. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the malicious destruction of the thief. Secondly, as long as the global radar fingerprint lock slides into the door frame hole, the main tongue (With Heaven and Earth hook) That is, synchronous pop-up, to close the door that is, anti-lock the door, to prevent the problem of false locks and forget the trouble of anti-lock the door. Thirdly, fingerprint authentication is unique. For example, the global radar fingerprint lock uses living fingerprint technology, which uses electrostatic induction, temperature detection, spectral imaging and micro-dynamic capture imaging to accurately identify whether the current fingerprint is a living fingerprint, at the same time, the global radar fingerprint lock realizes the real-time update of the fingerprint every time the door is opened. Even if the 10-year-old child is 30 years old, his fingerprint will be updated to the memory in real time. Global radar wants you to lock' Think, more than just a fingerprint lock, is the fingerprint lock really safe? First of all, the lock hole of the mechanical lock that comes with the fingerprint lock is exposed. This is the standard of the Ministry of Public Security of China. In case the intelligent function of the fingerprint lock fails to unlock, the key can open the mechanical lock cylinder to open the door. However, CCTV's 'weekly Quality Report' program has revealed that the lock cylinder is completely killed by the professional unlocking master. The general household A- level door lock and tin foil tool unlock only take 5 seconds, class B anti-theft lock takes only 1 minute. Secondly, the intelligent function of fingerprint lock is only limited to those who enter fingerprint lock to open the door, rather than many brand manufacturers can integrate intelligence into mobile phones, which cannot reflect the happiness of intelligent life. Moreover, the so-called security of fingerprint locks cannot be identified by fingerprints alone, because they have their own mechanical locks, which are the same as ordinary door locks, which means thieves and bandits can open fingerprint locks by using crime tools, without the need for fingerprint identification to open the door. Intelligent Multi-Application home security Butler global radar fingerprint lock as the leading brand in the fingerprint door lock industry, wins the favor of consumers with quality and technology, and creates a door lock Butler and intelligent butler for China's smart home. Global radar fingerprint lock is a combination of real intelligent lock and anti-theft security lock; Can use the mobile phone to remotely unlock thousands of miles away, can remotely video to see the situation outside the door, fingerprint lock door Record View and door lock switch reminder, more intelligent. Global radar wants you to lock' Think, not only is a fingerprint lock safe and more protective, enjoy a carefree life, global radar fingerprint lock is the leading brand in the fingerprint door lock industry, and its door lock's sexual safety and rock-like quality are praised both inside and outside the industry, it is also a favorite brand of consumers; The global radar fingerprint lock can be intelligent anti-theft, linkage intelligent anti-theft, so that the fingerprint lock becomes the patron saint of the home. When the thief tries to approach the door lock, he can be found and whistle back, if the criminal tool is used to unlock the lock, it will be photographed by the fingerprint lock system to enter the video, quickly alarm and send a high-decibel alarm sound, send the picture to the owner's mobile phone, safer.
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