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Global Smart Lock Market Analysis: China's largest potential Korean brand is the most mature

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
China's smart lock market has become more and more prosperous in the past two years. The earliest smart lock appeared as a component module of smart home, but the development of smart home has been full of uncertainty. Most of the pioneers have become martyrs and the market has not really started. On the contrary, as the entrance product of smart home and the core item of home intelligent security, smart lock is becoming more and more outstanding. Without smart home, smart lock can be installed first, becoming an independent emerging industry. According to the forecast data of the National lock Industry Information Center, the global smart lock industry will have a scale of about 11 million units in 2016, of which about 3. 5 million units in the Chinese market will rank first in the world, 1. 7 million units in South Korea and 1. 5 million units in Japan, A total of 2. 5 million sets in European and American markets; The global forecast for 2017 is 17. 6 million units, reaching 2020 units by 51 million, with a compound growth rate of more than 40%. It is worth mentioning that China's market is the largest, but its penetration rate is not high relative to its volume. According to the data of the 2017 White Paper on the application and development of smart locks in China, the penetration rate in South Korea is as high as 80%, while that in China is only 2%. This means that the Chinese market still has great potential to be tapped. It is estimated that by 2020, the overall scale will reach 32 million units, accounting for more than half of the world. In fact this few years, China market smart lock manufacturers is all flowers bloom together' Not only are there established enterprises from Europe, America and South Korea, but also Chinese Internet companies, home appliance manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers and start-up companies are running into the market to compete for this big cake. Judging from the development of the industry in 2017, the market is still in an extremely scattered situation. So, which manufacturers have the opportunity to seize the opportunity of rapid growth in China's smart lock market? Although there are many manufacturers, we can actually be divided into three categories. One is the European and American manufacturers, represented by the German brand deschman, which has good ability in Seiko technology and product quality, but the appearance value needs to be improved. The second is Korean manufacturers. South Korea's smart lock market is highly mature, and its Mechatronics Technology has firmly occupied a leading position in the industry after more than 20 years of development. Moreover, the overall strength of South Korean manufacturers is strong, and they are neighbors with China, which makes South Korean manufacturers adapt to the Chinese market and attach great importance to the Chinese market. Representative companies include Samsung, GATEMAN, Newell smart lock, etc. Among them, Samsung, as a South Korean signboard enterprise, is in charge of many sub-sectors such as machinery and electronics. Smart locks are also rich in variety and have strong brand influence. However, Samsung smart locks are mainly sold as agents in China. GATEMAN is somewhat similar to Samsung. Newell smart lock is an established professional smart lock manufacturer in South Korea. It has excellent precision technology, emphasizes the integration of technology leadership and design beauty, and lands in the Chinese market through capital ties, it can be said that it is the most familiar Korean Smart Lock brand in the Chinese market. Domestic brands started relatively late and have complex sources, bringing the total number to thousands. Therefore, each manufacturer has its own advantages in mechanical technology, network technology and channel capability. There are traditional lockset manufacturers such as Digil, newly-established Kaidi Shi, network manufacturers such as ZTE, Internet companies such as Leader star, and home appliance manufacturers such as Haier, even real estate developers such as Vanke have a share. On the whole, the huge potential of China's smart lock market will inevitably attract more and more manufacturers to participate in the competition in the future. Moreover, the characteristics of the smart lock industry also make the market not monopolized by some giants, however, there are distinct features. Some manufacturers occupy a larger share, while some small manufacturers seize the market segment. At present, South Korean brands such as Newell, Samsung and GATEMAN smart locks have the strongest overall strength, with the best user feedback and reputation, while Chinese brands are showing a vigorous growth trend, there is still a certain gap between product quality and technology and international brands, which needs to be further improved.
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