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Global ultra-thin automatic intelligent door lock release! Romans DD5 leads the ultra-thin era of smart door locks

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-16
On December 15, Romans' 2018 winter New Product Launch conference was held ceremoniously in Shenzhen Shiyan material pit gymnasium. Lezhi network was also invited to the scene to witness a new chapter in the ultra-thin era of fully automatic intelligent door locks. At the press conference, Romanes released the world's ultra-thin DD5 full-automatic smart lock with a thickness of only, which subverts the industry, and the 9H tempered glass full-screen full-automatic smart lock A8. Once the product was unveiled, it was amazing, and the audience present were all impressed by Romans' pursuit of craftsmanship, technology and beauty; At the same time, the appearance of the new product also shows Romans' leading role in industry innovation and technological progress as a leader in the field of fully automatic intelligent locks. The theme of this conference is WoW ultra-thin'. It is reported that this world's ultra-thin smart door lock has poured Romans' enthusiasm for the future direction of smart locks. The perfect combination of design and technology has always been Romans' product strategy. The DD5 ultra-thin automatic intelligent lock released this time can be said to be a brand-new subversion of the industry in the past. In appearance, DD5 made a subversive attempt and adopted an integrated S-shaped ultra-thin curve. It has greatly challenged people's imagination of door locks for a long time. And using the latest aviation aluminum material, with the processing technology of one-piece molding, the structural components are also directly introduced into the mature CNC process of the mobile phone industry. By using the new material of aviation aluminum profile, to achieve integrated processing. Whether in the appearance or the use of the feel, the product touch experience is better. The overall process level is consistent with high-end mobile phones. In response to the ultra-thin body with only 13mm, the fourth generation of ultra-thin motor developed exclusively by Romans' started from innovation, reducing the thickness of the existing motor by 65% while ensuring the performance of the motor; More importantly, in order to ensure the use experience of the smart lock and extend the standby time, Romans introduced the mobile phone battery to compress the battery thickness while ensuring the endurance. In addition to DD5, an innovative product, romance also has an attempt to upgrade A8 products iteratively and innovatively. Its characteristic is the application of full screen. It's a pure mirror full-view screen, reaching your visual imagination, 9H tempered glass to make smart lock panel. The glass material of the Corning Gorilla Glass can effectively resist the wear and scratch, and can maintain the beauty of the door lock no matter how long it is used. In addition, the romance A8 is also crafted by CNC. The same is the built-in ultra-thin battery, and with more exquisite craftsmanship, fully open the full-automatic smart lock full screen era. . To build a diversified cooperation platform for smart door locks, the smart home industry has shown a situation of letting a hundred flowers blossom. Enterprises such as Xiaomi and 360 have accelerated their entry into the field of smart locks. In the fierce market competition, Romans has continuously explored and innovated, upgrade product performance, launch customized products and basic products to meet the needs of different users and expand the national market layout. Lin Jianfa, chairman of Romans' science and technology, mentioned at the press conference that it is necessary to create an open, shared and mutual diversified cooperation platform, create a new pattern of smart door locks, and upgrade the new height of smart home scene exploration, accelerate the layout of the smart home industry chain. Since Romans' entry into the field of fully automatic intelligent door locks, its series of fully automatic intelligent door locks such as DD1, DD2, DD3 and DD4 have gained extremely high user reputation. The conference is even more ultra-thin'Full Screen' The new product form and innovative product performance of the company have promoted the development of smart door locks and laid a foundation for further layout of smart homes. Lezhi network learned that while developing its own products, romance has also continuously increased the cooperation of NXP semiconductor company, Israel's combilock and other world-renowned enterprises to help enterprises upgrade their technology and intelligent experience of products. In addition, the industrial integration and upgrading of Romans' technology and Fenda technology will also bring Romans' international top-level upgrading and leapfrogging. 2018 is an important year for smart home and smart door locks. According to the 'report on market outlook and investment strategy planning of China's smart home equipment industry' released by the prospective Industry Research Institute, Lezhi network learned that up to now there are about 1300 smart lock enterprises and more than 2800 brands in the country. Through the two new products launched by this Romans' Winter New Product Launch conference-- The world's ultra-thin full-automatic intelligent lock DD5 and full-mirror glass screen full-automatic intelligent lock A8. we can clearly see from it that as a leading enterprise in the field of full-automatic intelligent lock, Romans has always been working on strict aesthetic standards and technical standards, leading the development and direction of the industry. Use technology to empower brand innovation, respect products, respect technology, and help product upgrades with a scientific attitude. Romans' fully automatic intelligent lock products are leading the industry in the direction of 3C digital technology products. The new Romans' automatic smart lock released this time also shows everyone that the latest technology of smart lock is applied to the advanced trend, and the future is in front of people's eyes. At the same time, it also announced that the smart lock industry is about to usher in a new upgrade. This not only includes the application of new technologies in smart locks, but also will set off a comprehensive start for a more perfect combination of beauty and technology in the industry. At the same time, we also believe that with the advent of high-tech full-automatic intelligent door locks such as Roman DD5 and A8, it will surely become a new trend leading the development of smart home.
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