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Go home from work, can't open the door? Find master

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
When I went out, I was fine. When I came home from work, I couldn't open the door. The strangest thing is that there are always people at home. When they find that they can't open the door from the outside, they can't open the door. This made the Zeng family living in Shachong road wonder: but in just a few hours, what happened to the lock of the door? Lock cylinder blocked last Sunday, Ms. Huang Sanya home, found the door can not open. In desperation, Ms. Zeng dialed 114. After receiving the call for help, master Huang, locksmith 114, found something unusual in the lock body after he helped to unlock the lock: the lock is still the original lock, but there are many things in it that block the lock body, resulting in the failure of normal use. And these extra little things are nothing else. They are the broken tin foil strips that some lawbreakers often use to unlock the lock technically. 'From your key, your home now uses the ordinary AB lock of A-class Kaba computer with 7 marbles. The anti-theft level is very low, and it's easy to be remembered by thieves.' Combined with the broken tin foil found in the lock cylinder later, Mr. Xiao speculated that it might be the thief who failed to unlock the lock technically and left it in the lock body. Zeng's family had been at home all the time. The thief might have accidentally broken the tin foil strip and stuck it in the lock cylinder when he committed the crime, not only didn't open the door, but also blocked the lock body. Although there was no loss at home, Ms. Zeng, who was still worried, hurriedly asked master Huang, the 114 locksmith, to help replace a super-B lock. When going out, remember the introduction of changing locks under Sanya 114. At present, locks of many families in Sanya do not have anti-theft function. At the time of the new year, he reminded the public to do a good job in home security work, to guard against burglars using tools to technically unlock the door into the home. The public can judge the security and anti-theft level of the lock cylinder preliminarily through the key, and upgrade the anti-theft lock cylinder in the home to a safe super-B lock in time to avoid unnecessary property loss. According to master Huang, the lock is divided into A-class B-class and super-b-class, and the safety level rises step by step. There are two types of A-class lock key shapes: one is a single row of bullet slot keys which can be inserted into the lock holes on both sides; the other is a flat half moon shape which can be divided into two sides, one side is smooth, the other side is single row of bullet slot. The B-level lock key is a single row of bullet slots + curve slots or a double row of bullet slots + curve slots; there is also a double row of bullet structure set horizontally and vertically. Super-B lock key is a blade structure, with irregular grooves on it, also known as blade lock. It can be divided into single-sided blade and double-sided blade. If you need more accurate judgment, you'd better find a professional master. 'No matter how good the anti-theft lock is, if it is not anti locked, it can hardly prevent theft.' Master Huang stressed again and again that when you go out, you must close the doors and windows. Don't forget to lock the door with the key. Tips for the convenience of the public for better anti-theft, master Huang has long provided the LECO multi double-sided blade lock gold point atomic super-B lock, which has been identified by the Ministry of public security's scientific and technological achievements. It is made of high-quality materials and CNC machine tools. It has small hardware error, stable performance, and anti-technical opening for more than 800 minutes. Its safety factor is quite high. In addition, it also provides services such as fingerprint password lock cat eye baffle installation.
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