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Going out without a key, the smart door lock is gradually becoming popular in ordinary life

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Smart door locks were already available about ten years ago. But it has only been applied in some high-end houses. With the development of technology, the cost has dropped significantly and has gradually entered ordinary homes. In the early days, the domestic intelligent door locks mainly included Samsung and other foreign brands, which were expensive and frequently cost 5000 or 6000 yuan. They also lacked after-sales service outlets and technical support was not in place. Moreover, compared with the domestic situation, the anti-theft function is not good enough, so it is less used. The smart door lock is installed at home. When you go home, you only need to press your finger. The door is opened, and the convenience and comfort brought to us has been loved by everyone. So is it safe for us to use smart door locks? The intelligent door lock adds the fingerprint unlocking function to the original mechanical lock technology. The main technology of fingerprint unlocking is to store the user's fingerprint information first. When the user verifies with the fingerprint, the fingerprint identification system will compare the user's fingerprint with the stored fingerprint. If the verified fingerprint matches the pre-stored fingerprint, the door lock will open. If it does not match, an error will be prompted and the door lock cannot be opened. The optical fingerprint head uses light scanning, identifies the fingerprint through the information obtained by light reflection, and identifies the fingerprint shape structure to obtain the fingerprint information; If criminals want to forge their master's fingerprints to open the door, they must get their master's fingerprints and have high-precision modeling instruments. So as the owner of the House, are you worried that your fingerprints will be stolen by criminals in teacups, purses, handbags, etc. You don't need to worry about this, because even if your fingerprints are left in teacups, purses, and handbags, you must use a very high-precision instrument to read it. Such a high-precision instrument is only available to the public security department. Semiconductor fingerprint head, using capacitor reading system, using fingerprint groove, Ridge (Including epidermis and dermis) And the change of capacitance between the reading planes to form fingerprint information; If criminals want to forge their master's fingerprints to open the door, they need not only to obtain the master's fingerprints, but also to forge objects similar to creatures, which is more difficult than optical fingerprints. Both types of fingerprint heads can correctly identify the owner's fingerprint and have a higher security level. The difference is that the former type is cheaper and the latter type is much more expensive, ordinary families and businesses can use the former category, while the latter category can be used in important departments such as banks and treasuries. However, more and more intelligent door lock manufacturers are also using semiconductor fingerprints. The intelligent door lock is upgraded from the mechanical lock. Its main purpose is to improve the convenience of our life under the condition of ensuring the safety of property. Compared with the mechanical lock, the intelligent door lock is one level higher, criminals want to forge the owner's fake fingerprints, which is hundreds of times more difficult than picking locks. Using smart door locks is safer, more convenient and more comfortable than using mechanical locks. Everyone can use it with confidence! In recent years, domestic manufacturers have followed up one after another, and many smart door lock products with better quality and stronger functions have emerged. The price is more close to the people and the market acceptance is higher. At present, there are several popular smart door locks in the market: first, low-priced products: refer to the level of 500 or 600 yuan, as low as one thousand yuan and as high as yuan. Basically, the lock body of this kind of product is generally used, and the security is not much better than your original conventional anti-theft lock. But with the fingerprint unlocking function, it will attract some consumers who are greedy. However, the stability of these locks is not stable enough. Many of these smart locks will fail in a few days, so it is not recommended to buy such a cheap lock because the wool is on the sheep. Second, two thousand yuan ~ Four thousand yuan level products, this price range is the mainstream of the current market, the overall performance is relatively reliable. It can also meet the needs of most users. For regular household use, it is recommended to choose the right product for this grade. Three, high-priced products: roughly refers to more than four thousand, ranging from five thousand. In addition to some high-end models in domestic brands, this kind of products are products of various international brands. Just, it is full of fake foreign devils, it is recommended to see clearly. Personally, the domestic technology and technology, the locks made, do not need the difference of foreign brands, the warranty is more convenient after sale, and the locks of domestic products are more suitable for China's market than the locks of foreign brands, still choose a reliable domestic lock. Functionally, each family is almost the same. Fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, IC card unlocking and traditional key unlocking have all become standard. However, in the era of smart home, more and more smart door locks are equipped with mobile phone APP networking function, which can easily control the emergency door locks, and can also control the overall smart home and smart door locks through APP. In addition, remind all friends that if you use the smart door lock, you must store the mechanical key in a reliable place near your home for a rainy day. Any electronic equipment, no matter how reliable it is, there is always the possibility of failure. In case the fingerprint, password and IC card of the whole smart door lock are invalid. At least, you still have the most traditional way: open the door with the key, at least without damaging the lock. So don't put the matching keys at home. You can put it in the office, you can also put your parents' home, and there is a good way: put it in your usual car.
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