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Good - engineering locks with what brand Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-02
For hardcover room, hospitals, schools and other engineering, clothbound room door lock is indispensable important products. But the engineering lock brand on the market is multifarious, not less than 1000 kinds of, make a lot of procurement staff made difficult, I don't know engineering locks with what brand is good?     Fu yu hardware locks for the benefits of the project mainly has the following several aspects: & emsp;   1, to promote the class engineering & emsp;   High quality locks can greatly improve engineering class, give a person the feeling, shine at the moment use for many years not to drop paint, no fading, normal use, centralized purchasing can reduce the enterprise cost more.     Availability guaranteed & emsp; 2,   Manufacturer supply ability is very important for engineering, fu yu hardware has 300 employees, 21 years production lines, 180 sets of production machinery, nissan door 600000, supply ability has adequate security.     3, provide 24 hours service & emsp;   Every with rich yu hardware cooperation project customers, provide 1 to 1 dedicated customer service, help customers solve, sampling, delivery, product failure problem such as no service.     4, large amount of price concessions & emsp;   We long for door factory, store and engineering support services provide locks, large quantities of purchase, to talk about the price.
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