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Guangdong foshan - indoor door lock factory 300 employees, with strength

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-06
Indoor door lock must be installed in every room of hardware products, as every family needs products, consumer trust for brand products is higher. From factory, the door store's point of view, when selecting a guangdong foshan indoor door lock factory is considering a lot of information, such as price, quality, availability, new product research and development ability, the minimum order quantity and so on. The following and see it together.     Fu yu hardware is introduced: with 3000 square finished product warehouses, 300 employees, 180 sets of production equipment, 21 full automatic production line, 21 years specializing in the production of suit door lock, monthly production capacity of 600000 pieces, long-term for door factory, stores, lock engineering projects supporting services, without a large number of stock, how many, how much, direct manufacturers, all can delivery throughout the country.     Guangdong foshan indoor door lock factory preferred rich yu hardware five big reasons: & emsp;   1, product, price & emsp;   Low grade of indoor door lock price range: 20 yuan - Within 50 ( Wholesale price)     Class indoor door lock in a price range: - $50 100 yuan, Wholesale price)     High-grade indoor door lock price range: 100 yuan of above, Wholesale price)     Manufacturers selling price, the price range is complete, in line with the market, whether do high-grade wooden door, wooden door or low class, form a complete set of locks are suitable matching products, more than 500 kinds of styles, choose according to actual demand.     Availability & emsp; 2,   Now has 3000 square of finished product warehouses, normal door factory, store regular orders, can be shipped on the same day; If it is engineering orders, need the number of large, can be shipped within a week, guaranteed supply capacity.     3, product quality & emsp;   Each product before the outbound takes 132 strict testing procedures, to ensure that meet the national standard, put an end to shoddy products into the market.     4, new product research and development ability & emsp;   Fu yu hardware every year according to market changes, product research and development, has invested heavily to normal in March to the market every year, this year affected by outbreaks, new postponed to release in April.     5, minimum order quantity & emsp;   Door factory, store customers, long-term cooperation, a minimum threshold is low, don't need a large number of stock, reduce inventory pressure. More details, welcome to consultation, online customer service.
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