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Haier U- Home World's first cloud lock: opening a new history of world door lock development

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-23
Door locks, as the first line of defense for home security, have always been indispensable in home life. With the rapid development and application of microelectronic technology, the door lock industry has also ushered in a new development opportunity--Intelligent. Combination locks, remote control locks, IC cards, fingerprint locks and so on have entered people's lives one after another, which also shows the future development trend of the door lock industry. However, for most consumers, the difference between these smart door locks is only reflected in the way they open the door, which is far from meeting people's demands for smart life in the internet of things era. In order to create the best smart home security experience for consumers, in April 7, Haier U- Home smart door lock held in Shanghai cloud security lock World' Cloud lock conference, and the world's first proposed cloud lock ecological strategy, this strategy will also open a new process of development of the world's door lock industry. Since the appearance of the door lock, the security capability of the door lock has been improved step by step through many Update iterations, from mechanical lock to electronic lock and then to the era of intelligent lock. In the era of the internet of things, the smart door lock is no longer satisfied with the basic functions of fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking, but can make the family's lifestyle from simple to simple through a smart door lock, more powerful protection of family property and family safety. It is understood that the biggest feature of Haier's first cloud lock is that it is not a separate intelligent hardware, but an open home security life solution. As the creator of the Internet of Things intelligent door lock, Haier U- The cloud lock released by home also truly explains everything connected to the internet of things'The essence. In the cloud lock ecological strategy, Haier Cloud lock serves as the entrance to connect all intelligent life scene nets including home security, community security, entertainment and life, comprehensively integrate the family IoT, community IoT, Haier's high-quality resources, U's five ecological circle resources, community public service resources, social resources, etc, open up the community home security, smart home applications, online shopping, housekeeping services, take-out orders, home appliance maintenance, one-stop property security services, neighborhood social and other life scenes of the IoT channel, to provide necessary conditions for the construction of a smart community. Based on these advantages and the U Smart Life platform system, Haier Cloud lock also brings different scene experiences to consumers. Take the smart security scene as an example. When the user leaves home, it is set to leave home mode, and the system automatically deploys the protection. In the protection state, when the smart door lock is opened in an unusual way, the system will automatically alert the user's mobile phone to remind the user that there may be potential safety hazards and need to alert or contact the property owner; When the user goes home, it is set to go home mode, and the system automatically withdraws the defense. This kind of intelligent security scene can not only ensure the safety of home, but also provide users with a safer and more convenient intelligent life experience. Experience is king in the Internet era' In this era, the rise of smart home is also inseparable from the experience of intelligent life scenes it brings. In the era of the internet of things, as an important landing point for the smart security industry and even the smart home industry, the real value of the smart door lock lies in its vertical potential in the smart home, will bring users rich smart home experience scenes, Haier U- As far as the cloud lock released by home this time is concerned, the scene experience brought by it will certainly be subversive and leading to the whole industry.
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