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Haikou master Huang lock company upgrades super-B

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
How many seconds does 'tinfoil strip' open your door? According to reports, since this year, there have been strange theft cases in Hefei, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and other places. It seems that the door lock is not broken, but the interior has been ransacked by thieves. The police often find a piece of tin paper in the door lock. According to the theft officer arrested by the police, this is the new unlocking tool. And lock companies and lock industry association said that the 'tin paper lock' technology in the formal lock industry has only appeared for more than two years. In the news video broadcast by the TV station, no matter the teacher Fu who has many years of experience in unlocking or the ordinary person who has observed it once, the lock can be opened in a few seconds. Is it true that 'tin paper unlock'? 'According to the normal theory, the opening rate of tin paper unlocking is 80% - 90%, but this is only said under the condition that the specific locking type is operated by professional technicians.' Wang Xiangming, Deputy Secretary General of China lock industry association, said in an interview with our reporter. He introduced that China's mechanical anti-theft lock currently implements the public security industry standard GA / t73-94, which divides the anti-theft lock into 'ordinary protection level' a and 'advanced protection level' B, and makes different provisions on several indexes such as the length durability and anti-damage function of the lock tongue. In the anti damage function, the opening time of anti technology of level A shall not be less than 1 minute, and that of level B shall not be less than 5 minutes. According to reports, most of the locks that were unlocked by tin paper were class A. Wang Xiangming said that the use rate of A-level anti-theft locks nationwide accounted for about 50%. Wang Xiangming said: 'in general, thieves are very urgent. If a door needs 3 to 5 minutes to open, it will give up. What he needs is' seconds to open '.' Therefore, the selection of high-quality anti-theft lock can effectively avoid unlocking tin paper. The reason why tin paper locks are often used is that consumers have bought low-level anti-theft locks because they lack relevant knowledge or are greedy for cheap, and some unscrupulous manufacturers have produced unqualified products and put them on the market. Many consumers have never known that there are different levels of anti stealing locks when they buy them
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