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Haikou public security joint unlocking Association

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
On the night of April 7, there were three burglaries in honxiangzhou community, haixiu West Road, Xiuying District, Haikou City. 'After on-site investigation, we found that most of the owner's door locks in the community are still relatively old and backward A-level anti-theft locks, which are easy to be unlawfully opened and fail to play a real anti-theft role.' Haixiu West Road police station police Qiu Rongbiao said. In order to improve the security awareness of residents in the community, haixiu West Road police station of Xiuying branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau and Hainan unlock Industry Association launched a series of activities in honxiangzhou community on the morning of the 14th. 'This lock is a relatively simple lock that is easy to be opened illegally. This lock is a Class-A anti-theft lock. Insert the tinfoil into this lock through simple transformation, and then shake it hard to the left and right. Within a minute, you can successfully unlock it...' During the activity, the staff demonstrated the whole process of illegal unlocking and burglary to the residents in the community. The reporter of the commercial newspaper also operated the illegal unlocking under the guidance of the staff. As expected, the lock was successfully opened in less than tens of seconds using tin foil and a mold. At the scene of the activity, the staff distributed anti-theft knowledge publicity materials for the passing citizens, provided free consultation on door lock anti-theft, deepened everyone's understanding of door lock anti-theft, and improved everyone's awareness of security. 'The anti-theft lock has several levels, including A-level B and B-level. Among them, the anti-theft performance of A-level anti-theft lock is the worst, and it can be easily unlocked within one minute by using card and other tools. The anti-theft performance of level B anti-theft lock is also average, and the habitual thief can be opened within 5 minutes. ' Yang Wen, vice president of Hainan lock industry association, said that only when the anti-theft lock reaches level B, can it be truly safe against theft. These are anti-theft locks that cannot be opened technically after 270 minutes of detection by the Ministry of public security. The security performance is better. He suggested that the residents in the community should replace the level a or level B anti-theft lock with the level B or above anti-theft lock. 'Usually when you go out, you must lock the doors and windows. When you sleep at home, you also need to lock the doors and windows to ensure safety.' Yang Defang is a resident of tanxiangzhou District, where he has lived for more than 4 years. 'Before, we didn't pay much attention to safety precautions. Now, after on-site study, we realize the importance of them. We usually strengthen precautions to prevent thieves from taking advantage of them.' 'Today is also the first time for our police station to join hands with Hainan lock industry association to enter the community for on-site publicity. The activity will continue until tomorrow, mainly to improve everyone's awareness of security and make the importance of anti-theft known to all ages.' Qiu Rongbiao said that in addition to strengthening publicity, haixiu West Road police station will also increase the patrol and safety prevention guidance for the communities under its jurisdiction to ensure the personal and property safety of the residents in the communities. Warm tips from Haifu Road police station: 1 before leaving home, you must check to make sure that the doors and windows are closed and locked completely. 2 before going to bed, check to make sure that the doors and windows of the home are closed and locked from the inside. Valuables, especially cash jewelry, must be carefully stored and kept. 4. The new and old tenants shall be replaced, and the lock cylinder shall be replaced in time.
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