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Haikou unlock police prompt: the anti-theft door

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
Based on the analysis of the current situation of the community police, Li Yugang, the police stationed in the green port home community of Guangming Street, Shunyi District, proposed that the local residents in the first to fifth districts of the green port home should clear the sundries piled up in the electricity meter room as soon as possible to eliminate the fire hazards. The electricity meters in the residential area are installed in the electricity meter room in different floors, but there is a situation that residents pry open the electricity meter room to pile up sundries on some floors. Officer Li has informed the property department and other departments to organize liquidation. In addition to the electricity meter room, attention should also be paid to the stacking of sundries in the corridor. Some residents put the shoe rack outside the door, and pile up the withered flowers and plants in the corridor, which is not only a hindrance to the view, but also a hidden fire hazard. The same needs to be cleared as soon as possible. Green harbor home has been built and moved in for more than ten years. The security level of the security door and lock in the early residential area is lacking. Officer Li suggested that the residents change the lock cylinder or security door with the security level of B or above. Before going out or going to bed, the residents shall also confirm that the doors and windows are closed and the small advertisements in front of the door shall be cleared in time; the neighbors shall watch each other and call the police in time in case of any suspicious situation, do these daily tasks well and implement the anti-theft work. In addition, police officer Li also reminded residents not to put cash or other valuables in the car, not to put bags, no matter whether there are valuables or not, to prevent the occurrence of theft.
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