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Hainan lock company: the skill of driving BMW

by:FUYU     2020-02-27
At about 6:00 on January 20, Haikou unlock company received a call from a customer from Beijing to ask for help. The customer said that the key of his BMW 523 series car was locked to the trunk car and could not leave. Ask Hainan master Huang lock company to send a lock keeper to unlock the lock. Listening to the tone of the customer's phone is very anxious. The operator talked with the customer about 300 yuan. If the customer has no problem, send someone to unlock the lock. You are 200 yuan cheaper than 4S store. About half an hour later, master Huang of Hainan lock company arrived at the scene. The master watched carefully. He opened the lock for a while. The lock cylinder turned and the door couldn't be opened. Master Huang had an idea. He used an air bag to open the door. First, he used two air bags to prop up a gap in the door. Then he stretched a wire with a hook and pulled the handle on the door edge. When master pulled the door, he couldn't open it. He pulled five times in a row Six only heard a sound of remote control door opened, a cheer the owner excited hurriedly pay.
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