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Hainan lock industry association: lock master

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
The fingerprint of lock master needs to be sent to the Public Security Bureau for filing. The establishment of lock industry association in our province regulates the lock industry. The Southern Metropolis Daily reported on August 20 (reporter Ji Yanling) approved and issued a certificate by the provincial Civil Affairs Department. Recently, the lock industry association in Hainan Province was established. At present, the association has more than 200 registered locksmiths whose fingerprints are being collected and will be sent to the police for record. Huang Nan, chairman of the provincial lock industry association, told reporters that in the future, lock masters in the province will be put on record and work with certificates, so that the general public can rest assured. The association will actively cooperate with the public security organs in the supervision and management of the unlocking industry, and fully participate in the future initiatives for the benefit of the people and the convenience of the people, so as to make a due contribution to the harmonious and safe Hainan Province as a professional locksmith. In recent days, Hainan unlock Industry Association has collected the unlock information of its members, printed fingerprints, etc., and finally sent it to the Municipal Public Security Bureau for record. According to reports, at present, the association has more than 200 members and has collected fingerprints of more than 100 locksmiths.
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