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Hainan master Huang with car key

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
The car is an important means of transportation for people to travel. Nowadays, most models choose to use the car remote control key, so that no matter day or night, they can lock the car and drive to find the car within a certain range, which is convenient for many people. If the car key is lost, the door cannot be opened and the car cannot be started, you need to find master Huang to match the car key. How long does the car key need to match? Will it take a long time? Xiaobian will explain it to you. It doesn't take long for master Huang of Hainan to match the car key and open the car lock. It takes two or three hours for an ordinary car. However, depending on the security level of the keys of different models, it takes some time to write the code and match, usually two or three hours. This is acceptable, but it's better to make an appointment in advance for the key matching in general 4S stores, and the matching time will be slow. It's not like the professional master Huang matching car key company, which needs to be solved in time. Hainan master Huang's car key is composed of a mechanical key and an internal chip. After the new key is matched, the chip of master Huang's car key with the old key will fail to start the car, but the old key can still open the door because the door is mechanically locked. For safety reasons, master Huang matched the car key and replaced the car lock. For some models, it is possible that the same key is used to open the engine cover of the boot door glove box door oil tank cover of the ignition switch. If the vehicle lock is replaced, there will be more parts to be replaced, and the cost will naturally increase. Hainan master Huang car key matching company: compared with 4S stores, generally speaking, unlock companies need to hold driving license ID card, and can only match the key after registration. The price is generally much cheaper than 4S stores.
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