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Hangzhou's first high-tech 'intelligent access control system' application

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-12
The tenant does not need to use the key to enter the house, just take out an IC card and brush it. Does this sound incredible? Residents of wujiadun community are enjoying this high-tech intelligent access control system'. It is understood that this is the first case in Hangzhou. What is the most worrying thing for a tenant? Whether the previous tenant still has the key to the House; How anti-theft is the door; If it is shared, will others not lock the door for convenience. . . . . . The wujiadun community took the lead in trying out the intelligent access control system' Later, it was confirmed that in its full-time and all-round protection, tenants can completely dispel safety concerns. The whole wujiadun community is monitored 24 hours a day for one person and one card, and people come to receive the card. The wujiadun community has more than 400 families, each of which owns a villa apartment in a building. According to Hu Shenglong, secretary of the Community Party committee, most of the tenants who live here are mostly rented, and each family has 8-10 rooms are easy to rent. Imagine that even if only 1/4 of the buildings are rented, there are nearly 1000 tenants in the whole wujiadun community, not to mention the data is far more than that. ' A simple imagination can see how large the tenant team here is. It is understood that the whole set of intelligent access control system' The total investment is 1 million yuan, of which wujiadun community bears 70% and the remaining 30% is paid by residents. The reporter estimated that more than 400 households shared the same amount, and each household's commitment was about 1000. According to Hu Shenglong, secretary of the Community Party Committee, the card is an intelligent access control system'An important link. An IC card is equivalent to a house key' The biggest profit is the tenants here. The system's investment is paid by the landlord, and the tenant enjoys free protection. After renting a house, we require each tenant to go to the community police office to register his real name and receive an IC access card with an independent unlocking key. If the card is lost or the tenant withdraws the rent, we will cancel the key corresponding to the card in time, and it will be just a useless card. ' Reporters saw that most people in wujiadun community have installed intelligent access control. So why are you willing to spend a lot of money to install this system? Is it just to give priority to other communities in hardware? Hu Shuji said that last year alone, 89 criminal cases of various types occurred in the community, of which 80% to 90% of the victims were tenants. We have counted 67% of the burglary cases in rented houses, involving property losses of about 500 thousand yuan. With the access card, it means that criminals are not given the opportunity to take advantage of it and the tenant is safe. If they are willing to rent it for a long time, why not the landlord? What's more, many owners live here themselves. 'There is a police room staring'With, the community zero case' Is the inevitable result, the reporter learned that the intelligent access control system' The original mechanical lock was replaced by a card reader, a magnetic lock and a door closer. The magnetic lock can withstand more than 500 catties. If the gate is closed, it will not help you to push or pry it, completely eliminating the thief's delusion of picking the lock; The door closer will automatically close the door after the person enters and exits, even if you forget it for a while, there is no need to worry about the thief slipping into the room. Secretary Hu told reporters that in order to ensure the safety of residents' lives and property, 14 new cameras were installed in the community in April this year, it is specially used to monitor the entry and exit of all roads inside and outside the residential area and all access control opening and closing conditions 24 hours a day. The real-time dynamic captured by the remote surveillance camera is the Wu jiadun police office. In a room in the police room, the reporter saw 24 dynamic screens arranged in three rows. According to the police on duty, the pictures captured by 14 new cameras can be clearly seen here. Whether it is day or night, we will arrange a police officer on duty to monitor the entire wujiadun community through 24 screens. If suspicious people are found wandering around residential houses, we will immediately send someone to check them out; If the door of the household has not been closed for 5 minutes, we will receive an automatic alarm reminder here. Hu Shuji was pleased to tell reporters that since the use of intelligent access control system' Not only the Community Security is good, but also the tenant's rent withdrawal rate is low. In the first half of the year, the total number of cases in wujiadun community decreased by 41% compared with the same period last year, and criminal cases in Beiyuan district were even zero, in short, the effect is not too good! 'New move' As soon as he came out, the landlord's tenants all clapped their hands and applauded that Qin Jianyuan was the landlord living here. He told reporters with deep feelings: since he started to swipe his card, he has saved our landlord a lot of strength, I don't have to worry about the miscellaneous people going in and out at will, and the thieves can't get in, which makes me sleep much more at night! The reporter randomly asked a tenant about the intelligent access control. He also said that he was very optimistic: There are many construction sites around here, and the risk factor is very high. There were so many stolen cases in the community last year. I have been silently praying that I should not be the next target of the thief. Now, the sense of security is also there, and the card is much more convenient than the key. '
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