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Hanwang Zhiyuan appears at 2017 China hardware, door and window industry annual summit with face recognition smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-24
January 23- On the 25th, China hardware 2017 · The annual summit of door and window industry and the smart home Development Forum were successfully held in Changchun, Jilin. The forum uses intelligence to promote innovation and technology to drive development' As the theme, we gathered with more than 500 representatives from domestic and foreign hardware, doors and windows, smart home, real estate, intelligent manufacturing, electronic communications and other upstream, middle and downstream enterprises to discuss the future of the industry. During the summit, Dr. Huang Lei, vice president of Hanwang Technology and deputy general manager of Hanwang Zhiyuan, gave a wonderful speech on hot issues in the industry. Dr. Huang Lei's speech with ubiquitous artificial intelligence'For the theme. Dr. Huang Lei pointed out in his speech that artificial intelligence, as the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, has continued to accelerate the development of the artificial intelligence industry with unprecedented breadth, depth and intensity in recent years, it is also bringing a new round of industrial blue ocean with unprecedented energy. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, such as smart home, smart education, smart robots, smart medical, smart finance, and unmanned supermarkets. For example, the door of the home can be opened through face recognition without paying for keys or mobile phones. Biometric Recognition technology represented by face recognition will play a very important role in the era of artificial intelligence. At the summit, Hanwang highlighted the new face lock module and face recognition smart lock. Once the product was unveiled, it attracted many experts to stop and consult. Compared with ordinary fingerprint electronic locks, Hanwang face recognition intelligent locks have outstanding advantages. Face recognition technology non-contact door opening' The characteristics not only liberate the hands, the use is very convenient, but also avoids the fingerprint copy in the fingerprint identification'The risk. In addition, face recognition can open the door in less than 2 seconds, very fast, and can also pass face, password and key' In multiple unlocking methods, when face recognition or password input verification fails more than 3 times or the door is left unlocked, the face lock will give an intelligent alarm, and at the same time, each person who tries to unlock will be photographed by anti-theft. As a well-known enterprise in the field of biometric identification in China, Hanwang Zhiyuan will continue to adhere to independent innovation' Adhere to the close integration of technological innovation and industrial application' To create more competitive face recognition products and system solutions.
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