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Hao bao hardware mute door lock is how to realize the mute?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Mute lock is also called electronic lock, is a mechanical locking device is controlled by relay. Mute door lock on the door lock noise source of the two - — Friction and collision, has carried on the 360 ° full mute. So hao bao hardware mute door lock is how to realize the mute? Mute door lock body internal: after five deadened the noise of special design, the comprehensive processing on the source of noise. Mute door lock body external: 1. Latch innovative spherical design, embedded high strength mute aprons and latch guide bush, effectively reduce the lock tongue contractions in noise; 2. Button box wall high strength mute materials, greatly reduce the open close noise; 3. Original patent gusset plate shell design, great powers buffer inclined tongue is closed. Mute door lock implementation mute effect, mainly is its decide the structure of the lock body, friends need to mute door lock, can contact us hao bao metal.
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