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Hardware locks of choose and buy must consider the six o 'clock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
On the market there are many different kinds of hardware locks, door locks, door locks, lock, according to the use the bathroom lock, etc. , according to the shape of ball lock, holding the hand lock, insert core lock, etc. So many kinds of forms of classification includes both practical and aesthetic conditions and so on, but not any form of recommendation, pick locks should first consider the following points: 1. The use of places and its importance. Consider the street door, hall, room door, bathroom, or use, in order to select products suitable for the required functionality. 2. Using environment, conditions and requirements. Should consider the pros and cons of using environment condition, such as dry humidity, the structure, the thickness of the door, open the left or the right to open the door, inside outside the door or open the door, in case the buy the wrong product. 3. Consider the coordinate with adornment environment. According to his be fond of, the product should be considered when buying and its coordination and supporting of the bedroom should be consistent. 4. Consider the status of the family home for the elderly, children or people with disabilities, choose convenient he ( She) Use the product. 5. Consider economic bear ability combined with the family economic conditions, economic plenty of high-grade products, you can buy low economy owes the ideal choice of the grade of products, but pay attention to the product no matter choose high or low, all want to consider the strength of production enterprises whether is abundant, the quality is stable, suggest that choose to have quite a famous enterprise products, avoid to cause pecuniary loss and daily life to bring unnecessary trouble and obsession. 6. Consider the credibility of dealers and service level to prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some fake and shoddy goods to customers. This guarantee at six can boldly into the market, not afraid to be cheat, the most important is safe and practical, healthy environmental protection plus fashionable elegance is ideal.
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